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Must Have Items for Traveling with Baby

A vacation trip with a baby or toddler can pose significant “logistical challenges” for parents. Maybe you have already made this experience yourself: The little ones need so many things on the way that you get the feeling that not only you but also half of their household are on their way. It’s best to start packing a few days before …

The fact is: a (more extended) holiday with a baby or toddler requires intensive preparation

It is best to deposit all things that are to be on the journey at a particular place in the apartment – so you keep the overview and less risk, despite all care to forget important things.

Please keep in mind: Many products that your baby or toddler needs on vacation, can also be purchased at your destination. Small children, however, are often pronounced “habit people” who may have their problems with unfamiliar food or even a new type of diaper.

If you travel abroad, the question arises as to whether – and at what price – you will find the products your child prefers there. Our checklists help you to prepare well with your baby or toddler and travel without stress.

Checklist food and drink

If you breastfeed your baby and it’s still so small that it only gets breast milk, you’ll have little trouble with your diet on the go. For children who also receive baby milk, baby food, juices or teas, it is advisable to bring the usual products in sufficient quantity on the journey.

The travel supply for your baby or toddler you should pretty much calculate if your stay should extend for unexpected reasons. Essential for a trip abroad: Special foods, such as hypoallergenic food, are not available in many countries.

Remember to bring baby water for the journey. If something goes wrong now and then, you should pack a sufficient supply of easily washable bibs. Your luggage includes:

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Checklist clothes

If you can not or do not want to wash at your destination, you need a sufficient amount of baby or kids clothes. For relaxing hours in the pool, at the pool or on the beach you should also think of individual swimming diapers, which are available in both disposable and reusable variants.

Regular disposable diapers are not suitable for staying in the water – they are full of water, can pull your child down, often dissolve and then clog the filter system of the pool. For your baby or toddler you need:

Checklist sunscreen

Babies and toddlers are particularly sensitive to direct sunlight and heat. Without effective sunscreen, they can quickly get a severe sunburn or heat stroke. Plentiful drinking is indispensable on hot summer days.

Even if you have a car air conditioning Protect your child from UV radiation with a sun visor. Choose the best for the beach, a particular sunscreen for children, as it protects the sensitive skin even better. After sunbathing a skin care lotion helps to regenerate.

These sun protection utensils must be on the trip:

Checklist toilet bag and child care

Of course, babies and toddlers also need their usual care during their holidays. If your child is a bit older, maybe you’ll be happy with your toilet bag.

Remember to pack enough diapers of your proven brand, for emergencies, some of them are also in hand luggage. To dispose of the diapers, it is advisable to take a plastic bag. For toilets on the way, carrying a roll of toilet paper makes sense. The dirty laundry of the little ones can be packaged great in a laundry bag and so hygienically transported back home. In any case, when packing, think of the following beauty products and children’s care items:

Checklist Play, cuddle, fun

Of course, your child also wishes toys and entertainment on the way. Somewhat older children will keep you in good spirits during longer trips with games, a music cassette or reading his favorite stories.

Even at the resort, your child is happy about his familiar things to play with or cuddle:

Checklist apartment and hotel

Instead of a child seat, you can also take an attachment for adult chairs. Depending on the destination, you should inform yourself about socket adapters.

Please inquire in good time before the holiday, how well your landlord is furnished for smaller children. In a family-friendly neighborhood, many things are already there. If not, you need as equipment:

Checklist Excursions and Transport

At many resorts, a stroller rental service is offered, which you should inquire in advance. Also, a child seat can be pre-ordered in the case of a rental car with your car rental company.

Of course, you want to be mobile with your baby or toddler on holiday. The following items are essential for this:

Checklist First Aid Kit

When traveling, you should be well prepared for any illnesses or minor injuries. If possible, only take medicines that you already know your child tolerates well.

If your baby or toddler suffers from an allergy or other illness, the doctor should prescribe a sufficient amount of the appropriate medication before starting. Even at the resort, you should always look for unclear symptoms or emergencies for medical help.

It is best to inquire in advance, or directly after arrival, what options are available at your destination. The first-aid kit for your child includes:

These things you can get in the pharmacy

  • associations
  • Antipyretic means
  • Drops for a sore throat, cough syrup
  • Tees and/or medications for diarrhea and constipation
  • Insect repellent, an anti-inflammatory ointment for the treatment of insect bites
  • Cooling ointment for sunburn
  • Wound and healing ointment
  • Kühlkissen
  • Zeckenzange

Checklist travel documents and important papers

  • Valid ID/passport – in the meantime, a passport photo is also required for toddlers, please inquire with your registration office.
  • Health insurance card, proof of a foreign health insurance
  • vaccination certificate
  • Car papers and tickets

Helpful tips for traveling by car or train

The very first journey with baby or toddler usually takes place by car or by train. Both variants are uncomplicated and not stressful for parents and children.

  • Before starting your journey, please make sure that you have everything you need – diapers, food, drinks, toys … – Also available in your hand luggage while you are driving. Your child should be well protected from both direct sunlight and drafts.
  • Regular driving breaks – at least every two hours – do not only make your child happy on long car rides, but also on your own.
  • When traveling by train, there are special toddler sections available on most EC and IC trains, which offer the little ones sufficient freedom of movement and opportunities for painting or playing. For warming baby food brought in a so-called vial warmer, there is a power connection in the compartments. A changing table is located either directly in the chamber or the adjacent toilet for wheelchair users. Also for storage areas for the stroller is taken care of.

The toddler compartments of Deutsche Bahn are designed for travelers with babies and small children up to the age of three years. Due to the sometimes high demand, a prior reservation is recommended.

Air travel with baby or toddler – unproblematic and with child-friendly service

Air travel is not a problem for babies and toddlers. From aviation doctors, newborns can easily fly from the age of eight.

Caution is only required if the children have febrile respiratory problems, otitis media or a toothache – in such cases, it is better to postpone the flight to recovery.

For parents with children, the airlines offer an additional family-friendly service:

  • Strollers may be taken to the entrance of the aircraft. After landing, you will also get the car directly back to the gangway or door.
  • As a rule, families with small children are the first to board the plane and enjoy special care during the flight.
  • Many airlines place parents with small children in the front row preferentially. In some cases you can reserve these “parent-child” – puts already at the time of booking. On longer flights, there is also the possibility to order a cot for children under one year, which can be attached to the wall in front of the parents’ seats. The air routes for which this service is available, please inquire in advance with your airline.
  • On request, the stewardesses will also be happy to warm baby glasses in the pantry or to prepare warm water for the vial.
  • Baby food, teas and juices are not subject to the restrictions on carry-on liquids in cabin baggage, provided that this is the child’s immediate travel needs. It is best to inform the control staff about this without being asked.

Our tips for staying aboard the plane:

  • To facilitate pressure equalization, babies and toddlers should suckle or drink at take-off and landing.
  • Children who fly with a slight cold should give their parents half an hour before taking off and landing mild nose drops.
  • The air in the plane is often arid – the children should, therefore, drink plenty during the flight.
  • In hand luggage in addition to vials, pacifiers, diapers and care utensils include thick socks and a warm blankie.

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