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Mothers Day Activities for Kids

Celebrating Mother’s Day: make beautiful Mother’s Day gifts and greet the mum with the appropriate poem. Mother’s Day – a holiday in May in honor of all mothers – is often used as a family day for joint ventures. Mothers take various jobs from their partners and children in the house; they receive flowers and other small gifts.

Origin of Mother’s Day

The actual source of Mother’s Day can be found in ancient times. Every spring, for example, a festival in honor of the goddess Rhea was celebrated in Greece. She was considered the mother of all goddesses. This mother cult was similarly operated in different cultures.

The American women’s rights movement inspired Mother’s Day in its present form. Julia Ward Howe, an American writer, requested an official holiday for American mothers in 1872. She was followed by a woman named Anna Jarvis, who was worshiping on May 9, 1907, in honor of her deceased mother. She took up the demand for a holiday, as early as 1908, the first official “Mothers Day” was celebrated in Philadelphia.

Other American states joined the initiative, and on May 8, 1914, President Wilson officially declared the second Sunday in May a Mother’s Day. In Germany, the custom was adopted in the 30s.


In earlier cultures, flowers were scattered and wreaths are woven in honor of the mother goddess. In America, the custom prevailed to wear a carnation on Mother’s Day. In Germany, it was the owner of a florist who called for the gift of bouquets.

Even today, flowers are often given and cards are written about it. Other gifts – bought or tinkered – are now common. Partners and children make every effort to make the little pleasures to the mother, for example, by lovingly covering the breakfast table in the morning. When the spring sun is shining from the sky, the day is often used for joint ventures.

In some places, it has become customary to include Mother’s Day in various ways. Dances around a maypole are performed, food and drinks are served, or common walks are organized.

Craft ideas for Mother’s Day

What could the mother enjoy? Fathers can help their children to make small gifts. How about home-made roses?

All you need is some red and green napkins. The red ones are cut into three equal rectangles. Now take one and fold along the edge about three centimeters wide. Wrap the strip loosely around the left (left-handed around the right) forefinger with the folded edge outwards.

Underneath the edge, turn the napkin together as tightly as you can, holding a rose blossom in your hand. The inside of the flower can still be carefully adjusted.

For the style, take a green napkin and wrap it tightly around the narrow curled end of the flower. Use multi-layered napkins, carefully peel off one layer at a time, and use only these to make crafting easier.

With a little practice, you can conjure up a whole bouquet of roses together with older children. To present it properly, your children can still colorfully paint or paint a flower vase. Alternatively, a glass is suitable. Even smaller children can help.

With smaller children, you can also make colorful spring pictures. All you need is a firmer sheet of paper, glue and colorful crepe paper. Together, consider a beautiful motif. This can be a tree, a blossom or a butterfly.

Draw a picture of the subject, while your child is allowed to tear the crepe paper and make small globules out of it. The color selection of the crepe paper depends of course on the motive: If you have decided on a tree, you need brown for the trunk, green for the crown and any other colors for the design of the environment.

To stay with the example tree: Now fill out the shape of the marked trunk generously with glue. Your child may then distribute the brown crepe globules on it. Then proceed in the same way as the other components of the image. After drying, the gift for the mother is ready.

Or should it be lettering? Write in large letters to fill in “I love you” on the paper. Each word can then be designed with a different color crepe.

Shaping the day

First of all, you must confidently tell your children what is going on. Think about what Mama does every day for her and her offspring. Certainly, a lot of work comes together. Since she deserves to be thanked for once extensively. So this day belongs only to the mother, so it should be designed exceptionally beautiful for her.

Of course, this starts with a hearty breakfast that Mom can enjoy. In the morning, secretly and silently prepare breakfast with your children, cover the table and decorate it. Also, even small children can help. Maybe you pick some flowers and grasses, which you distribute on the table. Of course, at Mama’s place, the presents are put down.

Think about how to shape the rest of the day together with the children. What would mom most want? A common forest walk? A trip to the botanical garden? A small celebration in the local garden?

Loving greeting of mom

After planning the day together and having breakfast prepared, the mum can be awakened. Maybe she should sleep in and you just wait until she wakes up.

How could she be greeted more lovingly than with a little poem? Here are some ideas about what your children can practice:

“Thank you, Mum, for my life,
thank you for a good time,
thank you for your lovely laugh,
thank you for the tenderness!”

– Anita Menger


“I have to choose a mum,
my choice was only for you,
because you are the best mum who
can give it to me!”

– Anita Menger

Another suggestion:

“The table is beautifully set,
with love you are awakened,
on the whole day
Mom likes to be happy! “

Do you think of yourself making little rhymes or thanks, maybe your children have their suggestions?


  • Mother’s Day is a day that should only belong to mom. Design it together with your children, make little gifts and prepare everything lovingly. Your children will enjoy making Mom happy:
  • Make flowers
  • Tinker spring picture
  • Prepare breakfast together
  • greet the mom with a poem
  • to shape the day together

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