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Makita xpk01z Review

Makita XPK01Z

The Makita XPK01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 3-1/4-Inch Planer appears with the most excellent rating we’ve noticed in a handheld pattern. This planer has converted to one of the top-seller on Amazon, and with all 5-star reviews by the buyers, it’s clear to see why. At this price, you’ll have a tough time getting one that betters and was specially created to deliver your finishing job almost effortlessly. This model operates off an 18-volt lithium-ion battery which provides you more of a flexible option which is helpful for those contemplating to be a bit more mobile. Equipped with a 14,000 RPM motor which is in excess of speed for grabbing a wide array of outlines which provides you faster stock replacement than most other cordless planners. The extent adjustment knob enables you to change the depth cutting from 0 instantly” – 5/64” for a precise, accurate cut every time. What’s interesting about the planer, though, is that it is made for a special role. If you notice yourself forming arches and arcs in woods, then you won’t require considering any other planer.

  • Motor power: 6 amp
  • Voltage capacity: 18 volts
  • Speed: 14,000 rpm
  • Blade: 2
  • Cutting depth capacity: 5/64″ Deep  and 3-1/4″ Wide
  • Weight: 7.45 pounds
  • Product dimension: 14 x 9 x 8 inches
  • Battery:  Lithium-ion
  • Precise depth adjustment: 0″ to 5/64″
  • Easy-to-read scale
  • Power Source: Battery-powered


  • It is a cordless planer. For this reason, it is convenient to work even in places that do not have an electrical source.
  • The planer is battery performed, it becomes charged instantly and the charge endures for a long time.
  • Excellent for light-duty assignments
  • Notably quiet
  • The cutting depth can be improved with accuracy and it chops through wood placidly
  • Dust collecting works best with a shop vac
  • The blades last long
  • Works super fast
  • Its depth adjustment is so easy



  • This Makita cordless model doesn’t have battery and charger. So, you will need to buy those items individually.
  • Not suggested for heavy-duty application

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Overall, the Makita XPK01Z gives excellent performance notwithstanding being a battery exploded tool. The pace with which it cuts into wood executes it highly stable for several types of outlines. The lightweight of this planer makes it extremely portable, and you can simply carry it with you to woodworking places. The product is somewhat overpriced when contrasted to other electric planers accessible in the market. Nevertheless, the fact that this is a cordless machine and it becomes equipped with plenty of characteristics make it highly suggested for the application. The Makita XPK01Z offers a great addition to the toolkit for newcomers as well as experts.

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