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Longboarding safety gears

Longboarding is one of the most popular fashion trends today. However, it is not done simply to put on the “board.” Because, in addition to a certain driving skill, the right equipment is also included. Finally, in the case of longboarding, the most diverse accidents can happen very quickly, so that the issue of safety should in no case be taken to the proverbial “right shoulder.” There are a lot of protectors available in the market, which should be worn by a longboard driver, for his safety and health.

Without helmet, gloves, knee and elbow protectors no longboard should be driven

The right equipment for longboard driving includes a helmet. Here you have the choice between a so-called half-shell helmet and a full-face helmet. If you are a beginner in longboarding or limited to normal speed, a half-shell helmet suffices. Such a helmet ensures that, for example, the rear head is well protected during an impact.

If one counts however to the more advanced longboarders or is driven at a higher speed, they should be better grasped to a full-face helmet. A full-face helmet is additionally equipped with a chin strap as well as a visor. In addition to a helmet, gloves should also be worn during longboarding. There are gloves with fingerpicks or slide pucks for this sport. However, it is advisable not to select gloves with finger pucks during freeriding, since these can interfere with driving. In the various other driving techniques, only their wishes play a role in this respect.

In addition, knee and elbow protectors should generally be worn. In many cases, a fall is first applied to the knee and elbow. Because of this, these body parts are frequently injured, so that the respective schooners have to sit very well here. Since falls in the longboard drive usually can hardly be avoided , one should definitely at least

  • Helmet,
  • gloves,
  • Knee as well
  • elbow pads

carry. You will find an overview of the usual recommendations for sizes of protectors in the following:

Size /

Weightlessm155 to 170 cm170 to 180 cm180-190 cmgreater than 190 cm
less than 50 kgSSSML
50 to 80 kgS / MMMLL
80 to 100 kgLLLLL
more than 100 kgXLXLXLXLXL

Further schooner: a Crashpant

It is also recommended to add a crash rack to your own longboard equipment. In the event of a fall, the hips of the driver are also exposed to a considerable risk. In addition, any abrasions in this area are, on the one hand, very painful and, on the other hand, usually only slowly heal. Because of this, so-called crashpants offer in an ideal way. These are special trousers which offer good protection due to their padding at the very endangered body parts. However, the purchase of the crash pants must be a good seat. In addition, these particular trousers must not restrict their own freedom of movement. Crashpants are a sensible extension of the protective equipment for longboard driving.

Safety in longboarding – the right driving

The right driving is also part of the safety of longboarding. After all, longboarding would also be practiced. For example, beginners should not attempt to imitate the most daring tricks on a busy street. It is much better, on the other hand, to be the first to visit a quiet place, where the first attempts to drive can be undisturbed. As a rule, these start with the right ascent and descent , which is straight ahead and curves, Gradually, depending on the available driving, it is then also possible to learn the most different, more advanced techniques. However, one should never forget the necessary protective equipment. For example, during the initial period, most of the accidents are often very painful.

Braking should also be practiced extensively during the first driving trials . In the case of longboarding, there are even several options for braking. As a beginner you usually start with the brakes. Only the rear foot has to be ground over the ground until it stops. However, you should be careful here, because at a slower speed is still quite possible. At a higher speed, however, this type of braking is often impractical and may even cause pain in the affected foot.

Tip! Because of this, so-called slides are carried out at higher speeds by experienced long-boarders. In order to create a slide, however, you should have been driving with the longboard for a while or have practiced accordingly. Here, the driver shifts his own focus as far as it can go. It goes into the knees and the “board” transversely to the original driving direction. In order to maintain the equilibrium, this is generally supported with the hands on the way or also at the boarding stone. In the case of the latter, however, it is absolutely necessary to keep in mind the traffic passing by. Gloves are very advantageous when carrying out a slider.

Be vigilant: Observe street and sidewalk

Within Germany the longboarding is not allowed on the street, but only on the sidewalks. Accordingly, one must also be careful not to strip or injure any pedestrians, cyclists, passing dogs and the like. In addition, you should always keep enough distance to the road. An absolute taboo is to let go of a car. Very serious accidents can happen very quickly. In addition, in this case, in many cases , other traffic participants are also affected, Furthermore, you should only carry out the longboarding on a dry surface. This is necessary on the one hand for safety reasons, and on the other hand, the existing moisture damages the ways of the ball bearings of the longboard.

Advantages and disadvantages of the right equipment for longboarding

  • Protection against injury
  • many models are very convenient
  • They are faster again fit
  • Protective equipment in the wrong size is not properly seated

Longboarding: high fun factor with the right equipment

Longboarding is very popular with many people. However, the right fun factor only comes into play when you have the right equipment. After all, it is also possible to attack a very high speed and to try out the most diverse tricks without having too much fear of possible serious injuries. This is definitely security.

Tip! This applies not only to their own safety, but also to the safety of other people as well as to animals that are on the walkway or at the exercise / driving place. Even when it comes to longboarding, no one is allowed to be injured. Without a suitable equipment you should not go on the longboard.

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