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land paddling for beginners

The longboarding is a very versatile sport, should be undisputed. However, the fact that it is much more than just pushing and biking is demonstrated by a trend that has been stirring up the scene for a while: Land Paddling is the name of a new trend sport which has succeeded in combining long-boating with the standup paddling. The result is a challenging, but also equally fun sport, which quickly becomes addictive.

The best of two worlds

It takes a bit of imagination to get the idea of moving on the longboard with a paddle. While longboarders usually use their feet or shift the body weight to get from one place to another, special paddles used in land paddling offer completely new possibilities.

The source of inspiration for this new sport is the Standup Paddling. Here athletes stand on a kind of surfboard and glide over the water surface with a paddle. For many, the sport is a welcome remedy for stressful everyday life and is also very popular because it keeps the body trained and fit.

The same is true of the land paddling. As the name suggests, this sport is practiced not on the water, but on land. To make this possible, the “surfboard” is replaced by a longboard. Also, the paddle is adapted to the conditions at the Land Paddling and equipped with a kind of kick-off assistance.

What is needed for paddling land?

As already mentioned, you need a longboard and a paddle to paddle. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing your equipment.

The LongboardAs the trend continues to gain in popularity; it is not surprising that there are now special land paddling longboards. These are relatively long and also wider than conventional models. Some variants are also equipped with special wheels that allow you to ride on different surfaces. If you do not want to buy a special paddle board at first, you can also use your normal longboard type try out. Getting started with almost any board is possible. Note, however: the longer and wider the longboard, the more stable the ride. This property will mainly benefit beginners. Once you have gained some experience and feel increasingly secure on the board, you can also choose a steering model. Land Paddling is also an excellent way to ride a complete line with it.
The paddleNaturally, the Land Paddling is not a conventional water paddle used – simply because it is useless on land. Instead of a surface for displacement of water, paddles for the country paddling have a rubber that helps the driver to forcefully repel themselves. The paddle must be perfectly adapted to your size. It is advisable to buy a height adjustable paddle.
Other equipmentIn general, the Land Paddling does not require any special sportswear. It is important that you are dressed comfortably and can move well. Also, it is important that you protect yourself (especially in the beginning). Helmet and joint protectors are therefore mandatory.

Full body training all year round

As with the standup paddling on the water, the whole body is also trained in paddling. Due to the complex movements that also affect the upper body, a comprehensive workout is created, which also makes a lot of fun on top of it. The resulting fun factor ensures that the motivation for land paddling is extremely high.

The enthusiasm for this sport is supported by the fact that it can be practiced throughout the year. The only important thing is that the roads and paths that are driven are as dry as possible and not slippery.

For whom is Land Paddling suitable?

For anyone who has fun on board! Land Paddling is a versatile variant of longboarding, which has become a real alternative to first rock like cruising and carving. Even if the temptation to use the foot to push the paddle is great, experienced longboarders tend to quickly adapt to this new driving variant.

Tip! But not only “old bunnies”, but also beginners can really let off steam at Land Paddling. The good thing about this sport is that the paddle gives a high degree of safety. It can be used to keep the balance, steer and brake. For this reason the Land Paddling can also be understood as an entry-level driving style for longboarding.

Advantages and disadvantages of land paddling

  • combines longboarding with stand-up paddling
  • a lot of fun
  • only a few accessories needed
  • only on a suitable surface

Conclusion: To the paddles, done, go

Even though Land Paddling has long established itself in the longboard scene, a curious look is still certain. This sport has succeeded in combining the best of two worlds and creating something entirely new.

Advantages of Land Paddling at a glance:

  • The whole body is trained
  • High fun factor
  • Suitable for all longboarders
  • Also recommended for beginners
  • Purchase of a comprehensive equipment is not necessary

It is therefore highly recommended to try out this new transport once. You will certainly not regret it.

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