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HP Prime Graphing Calculator Review

There several years, when HP had released their latest graphing calculator, the HP Premium. had already made an opinion on it.  ‘ had loved the perfection of this new calculator and how HP had pushed things with a unique design and with new features never seen before in one of their calculatorsbut I was a little hungry because I expected to see more from HP.

Over the years of its first placing on the market, HP has made some updates to the system ‘ operating significantly at the level of perfection that  HP will always have, and  felt the need to make an exhaustive review of this calculator on this site. do not know if HP can read in  my mind or ‘ he had just many ” other”  fans “who have asked  the same improvements ( because yes I happen to write for manufacturers to inform them directly to my expectations)  but  some of the things that asked the most  are  now what I like the most in the HP Prime .

Of the three largest graphical calculators that are TI, Casio, and HP, fans of the HP brand are perhaps the least, but believe me, they are the most loyal fans, and they are a base for more seasoned users and much more technical than others. I may be exaggerating, but many of them are engineers, financiers, or profiles who understand mathematics very well. They love how HP designed and displayed mathematical notation.

Being a mathematics teacher in high school, my point of view is necessarily from a different angle, that of a teacher who wonders if his students will appreciate this graphing calculator and if it will facilitate my teaching. But I am just as interested in the calculators used by engineers and students of prepare. Some of my students are destined to pursue this type of training and choose a calculator from high school that will accompany them for a long time, and the beginning of their career is essential.

HP Prime Graphing Calculator

  Strong Points  Weak Points
  • Touchscreen and color
  • Equipped with review mode
  • CAS Calculator
  • Backlit
  • Easy scroll
  • Fast graphing
  • Built-in apps
  • It supports RPN entrance
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built-in computer algebra system
  • Wireless capabilities
  • Awesome keyword for using
  • Great support group
  • Great battery life
  • A little expensive
  • Intended for extensive use
  • The CAS is limited

Suitable for the areas of

  • Industrial engineer
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Robotic engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Electric engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Topography
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Statistics

Physical Characteristics of HP Prime

  • 3.5 “multi-touch screen (320 x 240 pixels)
  • 65536 colors (16 bit)
  • ARM9 400MhZ processor
  • 256 MB of flash memory
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Body in brushed metal
  • Symbolic / Algebraic / Numeric Functions
  • Dynamic geometry
  • Data entry in algebraic mode, RPN, and Textbook
  • CASE
  • HP Solve Applications and Writing Equations
  • Wireless (requires optional accessory)

For Whom the HP Prime is made?

While it’s true that the HP Prime is an exceptionally well-designed calculator that’s geared towards HP’s traditional, mostly professional market, I think HP has come out of the box more than ever before to go hunting on the market. Students and high school students ( Texas Instrument with his Ti Nspire has something to worry about!).

Before I dig deeper into the details, I’ll just mention some features that HP has introduced in the Prime that target teachers and high school students:

  •  HP has included a lot of applications within the Prime such as geometry apps, solvers of differential and trigonometric equations, statistical applications … and many more. I did several tests with this calculator and found it intuitive. The touchscreen certainly plays for a lot.
  • A wireless system allows quizzes and polls to be distributed to connected calculators, captures, and automatic calculators in exam mode, which can be extremely convenient.
  • The DataStreamer, an app that allows the HP Prime to interact with more than 50 sensors to collect data and make Fourier analyzes for example.

The development of features like the wireless system and the DataStreamer are important because they give credibility to the HP Prime in the education market. These are the kind of features that HP had to offer to make the premium a real alternative to the Ti-Nspire since Texas Instrument has made this kind of application its spearhead to convince users of graphing calculators.

Why is HP Prime an excellent choice?

There is a lot to say about HP Prime. First of all, we can talk about the hardware and its physical aspect. The HP Prime is an excellent and reliable calculator.

It consists of a brushed metal plate covering the lower half and the front of the calculator, while the upper half is black. It’s a striking design, even the cover that protects it is very well made. The premium uses a rechargeable battery via a mini-USB cable. With moderate use, it must be recharged approximately every week.

The touchscreen of the HP Prime

One of the main strengths of this graphing calculator is undeniably its touchscreen. This is also the first selling point of the HP Prime. As far as I’m concerned, I like it a lot. I found the HP Prime with a small learning curve, but it is done very quickly because of its touchscreen that makes it very intuitive and easier to use than its physical buttons. HP Prime often displays touch buttons at the bottom of the screen to access the context and application features you are using.

I’m so used to the Ti-84 Plus with its F1-F5 physical buttons, that the contextual touch buttons seemed obvious to me. It’s often in the little things that the touchscreen makes this calculator very nice. Apps-friendly touch buttons are cool, drop-down menus provide quick access to different options, unlike physical buttons that can frustrate more than one. Graph analysis is also easier on the HP Prime because you just need to enter the graph on the touch screen to drag or zoom.


The B1S is ultrafine and light. It is very compact, stored in a bag. Its design is quite attractive, which is always a good point to appeal to young people.

HP Prime’s graphics capabilities

Speaking of graphics, the HP Prime is probably one of the best in this field. The Prime can graph any equation you can imagine. Many other calculators do not have this capability, and it is often tricky to display vertical lines, circles, conic sections, and other types of equations. This is not the case of the HP Prime which manages much more complicated equations with ease and eases disconcerting.

The HP Prime is a CAS Calculator

The Premium is equipped with a CAS (Algebra System Computer). It is a calculator that solves equations containing variables (x and y), a solver in other words. The bonus, like any other calculator with a CAS, can, therefore, factor, solve equations, find integrals, equation derivatives and much more thanks to CAS.

The operating system of the HP Prime manages the CAS functionality a little differently. A button allows indeed to switch between two screens of receptions, one containing the functionality CAS, the other not. Having an HP Prime is like holding a TI-Nspire CX and a TI-Nspire CX CAS within the same and unique calculator.

A calculator for everyone

The HP brand has always been for a professional audience, but with this product, the giant wanted to think outside the box. This graphical calculator is conquering the general public whatever the field in which it exercises. This initiative is highlighted by the different features that designers have provided to this product. They have provided this article with a large number of applications to name only geometry apps, statistical applications. The device also ships the Data Streamer which allows it to collect data in fractions of a second.

Its wireless system allows this article to suit the world of education perfectly. This gives him the opportunity to share quizzes, polls, and captures with connected calculators.

Should I buy the HP Prime

The HP Prime is undeniably an excellent calculator that competes with the best in the market. A year before its release, Casio already showed us what a color screen brought to a graphing calculator with its Casio Prizm. HP has naturally followed the same path by bringing a touchscreen multi-touch. Despite this touchscreen that makes it incredibly intuitive, I find it still a little more difficult to take in hand that Texas Instrument for which my cause is acquired. HP Prime remains revolutionary and can proudly defend HP’s pride without blushing.

It allows for an exam mode, and given the new law that prohibits graphing calculators without exam mode from 2017, it is better to invest in a calculator such as HP Prime that allows it.

How to use HP Prime Graphing Calculator/ HP Prime tutorial


To conclude, if you read this article to find out if this is the calculator you need, you can go there with your eyes closed without hesitation. She is really on top. You can buy it from Amazon and take advantage of the free shipping ( take care to take the one offering the exam mode if you ever spoil the BAC for example ). If at the end of this test, you still hesitate, then I recommend you read my other test on the Ti-Nspire.

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