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How to Use an Electric Planer

Professional artisans but also the enthusiastic amateur handyman with an electric planer very well advised in his toolkit. Editing wood surfaces and milling edges can be tedious and strenuous work. An electronic planer provides a remedy here and can significantly facilitate the welding work. However, to be able to provide you with a reliable service for an extended period, a thorough product care is essential. The power tool must be adequately cleaned and properly stored. The best way to get the most out of your product is by using the tips and tricks in this short guide.

Tips to use a planer

  • For perfect results and a smooth set of tools, an electronic planer is only started when the machine’s motor is switched on.
  • An electric planer should remove only a small quantity of material, especially at the beginning of each use: the smaller the depth of the cutting depth, the more precise the results of the work.
  • A slow tool operation also ensures that the speed is not reduced by the resulting contact pressure of the machine.
  • If the speed drops, adjust the depth setting so that the planer does not tip over.
  • Commercial devices are equipped with planing knives which, after they have been blunted, must be reversed and replaced. The blade sharpness must be checked before each use, the dull material would not only damage the wood surface but could also result in injuries.
  • Conventional electric planers are equipped with a dust bag. Depending on the wood material and removal rate, this integrated bag does not always suffice. It is also important to note that the dust bag has to be emptied regularly for perfect work results.
  • Higher-quality models have a special vacuum cleaner to properly collect the wood chips. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate workshop vacuum cleaner.
  • There are also individual electronic planer machines which have an adjustable suction device. In this way, large wood chips can be reliably disposed of. Since the suction tube often clogs, it must be cleaned regularly.

How to use an electric planer (Tutorial)

Tips for the product care of electrical furniture

    • The product care of electric furniture is in most cases not very complicated or time-consuming but at regular intervals necessary. Before starting any maintenance or cleaning work on the device, it must be switched off and disconnected from the power supply. This prevents the best electric planer from being unintentionally put into operation. Your safety must, of course, always be a top priority in product care.
    • The metering inserts on the electric planer will be used over time. Depending on how often and in which way they use the power tool, it can take a different era before the blades have to be replaced. As soon as you notice that the removal rate of the electric planer is slightly reduced at work, you should check the modules for your sharpness. Most planers are equipped with a Wendesser that can be used first. Only when the second side also does not perform any satisfactory work, it will be necessary to replace the knives completely. As a rule, the exchange should work relatively directly. If there are any uncertainties, please follow the instructions given in the user manual. There may be different approaches for different models.
    • After each use of the electric planer, it should be freed from dust and planer chips. Above all, the knives must also be cleaned. It is advisable to wear protective gloves during the change of the blade to minimize the risk of cutting injuries. A slightly damp cloth should be sufficient to clean the case. If stubborn stains have become stuck on the electric grater, you can also use a little gentle detergent. When cleaning, however, be careful not to allow water to get into the interior of the electric machine by scratching the housing. Here, moisture can lead to a short circuit and thus irreversible damage to the sensitive technology.
    • After the machine has been used, the dust bag must also be emptied regularly. Check also if there are clogging in the exhaust pipe and eliminate clipped wood chips best by hand. Then the wood planer will be ready for use again next time.
    • If the electric planer is not utilized for an extended period, it should be stored either in its original packaging or its transport case made of hard plastic. Store the power tool in a dry place that is free from high-temperature fluctuations.
  • If you follow these simple instructions for the product care of electric furniture, then you have a long time to enjoy with your practical power tool.

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