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How to use a basal thermometer

The body of women is radically different from that of men. Once a month, unfortunately for many, the expected menstruation arrives; a cycle of the body that demands them certain headaches, cramps and a tinge of a bad mood on some occasions.

Menstruation is also a sign of the female body that indicates that the woman is not pregnant and that while she is not pregnant, that cycle of ovulation will be repeated again and again.

But sometimes this monthly stage does not come at the usual time.

And this is where the doubts begin, not only about whether she is pregnant but first of all to know prudently if it is necessary to sign up for the use of sanitary towels or menstrual cups.

Well, this is where this question is resolved under the use of a basal (vaginal) thermometer, either digital or gallium. It is an efficient instrument that has facilitated the lives of many women to control periods of ovulation or pregnancy planning.

A simple way to know our menstrual cycles is to track our basal temperature, through whose analysis we will know when we have ovulated and if a pregnancy has occurred or, by contrast, menstruation is about to appear. Although we could use any thermometer that we have at home, in the market, we have thermometers specially designed for this purpose: basal thermometers.

Thanks to them, we can take our basal temperature with greater comfort and precision, something important if with these data we will make a graph because the temperature variations that are recorded throughout the cycle are small and a deviation could alter our analysis.

What is a basal thermometer for?

A basal thermometer is a thermometer specially made to take the basal temperature: our body temperature when we wake up, when we have had enough rest (at least four hours) and without moving from the bed, just reaching out to put on the thermometer (any movement could alter it).

The basal temperature stays low at the beginning of the cycle to rise once ovulation has occurred because progesterone (the hormone that dominates ovulation) raises the temperature. If we take our basal temperature properly, we can make a graph, which will allow us to know our fertile days so that we can plan a pregnancy or avoid it. Also, the development of the graphs during several cycles will help us to understand our body better, being a wonderful tool of self-knowledge for women who have irregular cycles.

Why a basal thermometer and not a normal one?

Since the changes in basal temperature that we suffer throughout the cycle are only a few tenths, it is important that the thermometer we use is very precise. The basal thermometers are specially designed to take the temperature of our body at rest so that they allow a more simple reading, its measurement range is smaller and allows to specify two or more tenths of temperature.

Types of basal thermometers

The digital basal thermometers have a high precision (usually +/- 0.01 ° C), a larger viewfinder and allow temperature recording with two or more tenths.

The basal glass thermometers contain gallium instead of mercury, which was banned due to its high toxicity.

Since they are specially designed to take our temperature at rest, its measurement range is usually between 35 and 38 ° C, allowing a much simpler reading without forcing the eye and with several decimals.

How to elaborate and interpret our graph of basal temperature?

Especially during the first cycles and until we are familiar, we will begin by noting our temperature from the first day of it, which corresponds to the first day of menstruation. When we have more practice, we can start around day 5 of the cycle or even later if what interests us is knowing only the moment when we ovulate.

We will note not only the recorded temperature but also any other associated symptoms (for example, headache, ovarian pain sensation, etc.), if we have had sexual relations or not and also if any mishap has occurred that may have altered it (having been outdated, be sick, etc.).

In Babies and More we offer you a practical example to interpret the table that will be useful for you.

If you do not want to make it on paper, you can make a table in electronic format yourself or use websites that make it easier to note and interpret temperatures, such as

With the basal what is sought is to study these temperatures.

That is why, also, this thermometer can also be useful to create a graphical table in which the days of greater fertility in the woman were evaluated, as it is the case of the Geratherm.

Since given the accuracy of this type of thermometer, you can make a balance of the behavior of the woman’s body.

When asked why a traditional thermometer is not used to perform this task, the answer lies in the fact that this type of thermometer has a much smaller measuring range.

Its scale of values is more defined and precise.

Your system is optimized to measure the temperature of a body at rest.

Thus, the two versions that exist, namely the basal gallium thermometer and the digital one, are concerned with accurately capturing the body’s heat indexes, so they are designed to control temperatures in ovulation and periods of fertile days for pregnancy.

The best types of digital and gallium thermometers to buy online and measure basal temperature at rest and fasting

As just described, two types of basal/vaginal thermometers exist in the market, and we can buy online: those that operate digitally and those that use gallium. Below you can discover the differences between the two:

Buy online the best digital basal thermometer at a good price

Like traditional digital thermometers, it has the same design and even weight.

The difference is none other than the optimization that exists in its circuits and the tip (probe) that makes contact with the vagina.

This optimization is oriented to provide data that are usually represented in hundredths and not in tenths.

Thus, a digital basal thermometer can provide data such as 37.10 ° Celsius. At this temperature, for example, you still have to climb 90 points to go up to 38 ° C.

This is the same reason why the digital screen is four numbers, so it is a little larger than any other traditional thermometer.

For everything else, its design could be confused with the digital baby thermometer, as it has the same type of screen, located at the core of the circuit system. Also, its material is usually made of plastic.

Of course, it is to be assumed that the data obtained will be much more precise , such as the Geratherm, taking into account the approach traced in hundredths. This is a thermometer that is usually sold and can be purchased more than anything with the slogan to be used to control over ovulation and perceive pregnancies or to plan the fertile days.

So much so that when selling it, the same developer, also includes a graphic map to fill to identify the exact moment in which the couple can fertilize .

Its system also includes internal memory for the recovery of the last 10 recorded temperatures.

The latter helps enormously to fill in the graphic table offered with the purchase of this device to control the basal temperature very well. Meanwhile its price when buying it is usually not too high, presenting itself as one of the best systems of temperature caliber.

How to use a basal / vaginal thermometer?

In order to capture the temperatures with the basal vaginal thermometer, it is essential that the body must have slept for at least four hours: enough time to create an optimum state of rest that allows the calculation of the temperature .

Precisely, to obtain reliable data, the first thing that must be taken into account is that the thermometer must be as close to the bed as possible .

In this way, the woman only has to make a really low energy consumption when taking the device with her hand.

After which it is only necessary to introduce the tip of the probe of this object into the vagina .

A question that many people ask is why use a basal thermometer and not a normal one for this case. The answer is simple: basal thermometers, unlike conventional thermometers, are designed for the measurement of our temperature at rest, so the measurement scale goes from 35 to 38 ° C, which allows the reading be simpler and taking into account the decimals of the result.

Our basal temperature is altered only by tenths during the menstrual cycle, this is the importance of the precision of the result. That is why these thermometers specialize in specifying one, two or more tenths in the result, only in this way we can know with certainty in which day of the cycle we are.

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