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How to Strengthen Your Immune System

The nose is running, in the neck, it is scratching suspicious and somehow you feel limp and dull – we all know these signs of a nasty cold. We show how you can strengthen your immune system.

Especially in the colder months, flu outbreaks ensure that the corresponding germs and pathogens spread over the doorknobs, escalators, etc. as if in flight. Probably the one who then has a healthy immune system that reliably kills all pathogens. Unfortunately, everyday stress and many other external influences can weaken our immune system. It’s a good idea to know how to build it up and strengthen it as a preventative measure, to be safe from colds and flu infections and to get through healthy and fit through contagious times. The following tips will help to boost the immune system and positively influence it.

Tips for strengthening the immune system

1. Movement
According to studies, physically active people are less likely to get infections than inactive people. Therefore, you should overcome the inner bastard, swinging out of the chair and integrate physical exercise into your daily routine at least three times a week. 20 minutes of endurance sports such as jogging, cycling or swimming are enough to boost the immune system and keep you fit and healthy. Because: Moderate and regular training increase the activity of specific immune cells in the body. Collagen is another part of keto diet plan. You must read more about it.

2. Sleep
Even during sleep, we can strengthen our immune system, because if you sleep poorly or not enough for an extended period, your body is more susceptible to infections. The reason: Our immune cells work more effectively at night than during the day. On average, you should sleep at least seven to eight hours per night, so that you can recover sufficiently and the baby immune system gets going.

3. Nutrition
A healthy and balanced diet is the alpha and omega for a robust immune system. For the body’s defense system are mainly zinc, vitamin C and iron, folic acid and vitamins A, B, B12, D and E important. Zinc, for example, is present in dairy products and meat, but can also be taken by taking zinc supplements that have been shown to reduce the duration and severity of a cold. Just like vitamin C, which is found in citrus fruits, peppers and cabbage. Those who eat a balanced and healthy diet, and take care to eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, already cover the need for the important nutrients and vitamins through their diet, without having to take additional supplements.

4. Hardening The
Fact that hardening is important for health and has a positive effect on the immune system was already known to pastor Kneipp. Accordingly, one can strengthen his immune system with alternating showers, saunas, treadles and Kneipp castings. Temperature stimuli from cold to warm train the adaptability of the organism and protect us against infections and flu waves.

More tips for strengthening the immune system

  • Soak up the sun: When the sun’s rays hit our skin, it forms vitamin D, which in turn activates the cells of our immune system.
  • Give up alcohol and cigarettes: The substances contained are poison for the body’s defense system and weaken it immensely.
  • Staying calm: Stress has an adverse effect on the immune system. So you should try not to stress too much in everyday life and often take a break.

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