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How to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy?

The steadily increasing weight of the child, but also of amniotic fluid and placenta, burden the musculature of the pregnant woman considerably.

Due to the weight, the center of gravity shifts to the abdominal region and many women fall into a hollow cross. Back pain and strong tension can be the result of this posture.

The female body has to endure a lot during pregnancy

Also, the hormone progesterone loosens the ligaments and tendons to prepare the female body for the impending birth. The spine loses its stability and back pain is the result.

In addition to pain in the back, many pregnant women complain especially in the last weeks of pregnancy about sciatica. These come about because of the child’s weight presses on the sciatic nerve.

It can cause a strong tingling in the legs or temporary numbness. When the sciatic nerve is relieved, these symptoms disappear again.

Fortunately, to relieve the back pain during pregnancy, there are many possibilities from proven home remedies to alternative remedies. However, if the pain is too severe, you should see a doctor.

Back pain in early pregnancy

Back pain is usually caused by the increasing weight of the child and the heavy strain on the muscles. Pain in the back can also occur in the first trimester of pregnancy and are then often indications of possible complications. Therefore, look for strong back pain in early pregnancy, your doctor.

Back pain during pregnancy: what helps me?


A proven remedy to relieve tension and relieve muscle aches is heat. You can put a hot water bottle or a heating pad in the back. But also Kirschkernkissen is a good alternative to warm the affected areas.

A warm bath in the tub is also very pleasant: the muscles can relax very well due to the weightlessness in the water. However, please make sure that a full bath at the end of pregnancy can cause contractions.

Yoga for pregnant women, gym exercises and relaxation

For acute back pain during pregnancy, but also as a preventive measure, gymnastics and yoga classes are specially designed for pregnant women. Ideally, it will strengthen the very muscles that are heavily used during pregnancy.

Also, you will learn in the courses exercises that relieve your back and your joints in everyday life. For example, to relax your back at short notice, you can lie on your back and place your feet on a chair at a 90-degree angle. And even this exercise can relieve the tension: Go to the quadruped stand and make a cat hump.

At night or when you lie down for a nap, it slumbers with a nursing pillow between your legs very relaxed. This relieves especially the back muscles.


In the case of back pain during pregnancy, a gentle massage can be enjoyable. Ask your midwife if she can show you some manipulations or go to a physiotherapist.

But even your partner can gently massage the painful areas with a care oil. However, you should make sure that the message is not too much pressure.

Alternative healing methods

As a supportive measure to the presented home remedies, you can fall back on various alternative healing methods. In homeopathy, some globules can be taken for certain complaints. Even with Schüssler salts, you can choose from different preparations.

For tension and pain, the so-called “Hot 7” has proven itself: The salt No. 7 (Magnesium Phosphoricum) is dissolved in a glass of warm water and swallowed. The big advantage: Globuli and Schüssler salts have no side effects on mother and child.

For stronger back pain, acupuncture can be an alternative. Many midwives have additional training in this area.

If you have further questions about the effects and use of alternative healing methods, consult your midwife or gynecologist.

Prevent back pain

To prevent back pain during pregnancy, you can do a lot. Regular exercise is also essential during pregnancy. As the baby bump increases, swimming is a particularly enjoyable sport.

The water carries the weight of the body, and swimming does not overload the muscles and joints. If you’re a sporty muff, go for a little walk on a regular basis. 15 minutes are enough.

In order not to stress your back excessively, you should pay attention to the correct posture in everyday life. As you get up in the morning, remember to get up over the side and not jerkily out of bed.

If you need to lift something, kneel and try to keep your back straight.

Basically: As a pregnant woman you should generally take care not to lift too heavy. If you lay down in between, for many pregnant women, the lateral position is much more comfortable than the supine position. The positive effect is enhanced when you put a pillow between your legs.

For severe pain to the doctor

If you can not relieve back pain with home remedies or alternative remedies and continue for several days, you should consult a doctor.

Please do not take medication for severe pain without consultation with your doctor: Many painkillers can cause unwanted side effects for the unborn baby.


  • Back pain: The weight of the child burdens musculature
  • Back pain in early pregnancy can be a sign of complications
  • Proven home remedies: warmth, gentle massage and special gym exercises
  • Alternative remedies: homeopathy, acupuncture and Schüssler salts
  • Prevent pain with gentle exercise and regular exercise
  • If pain persists, go to the doctor!

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