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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Google?

You have been trying for months to get some time to clean up your mail and your contacts. You have saved in your list a large number of addresses that you no longer use or that no longer exist and the time has come for them to disappear and stop occupying space within your account.

You start to delete them all, you finish your task and you feel satisfied that you have eliminated all those contacts that were unnecessary. But a few days later, you have remembered that you have to contact a co-worker that you have not seen for a long time, but you can not find your address anywhere. And then you remember. You gave the delete button the other day because you thought you were not going to have to use your contact anymore. And now what can you do? Have you lost that contact forever or can you re-incorporate it in any way to your list? Do not worry, in a COMO we explain how to recover deleted contacts from Google.

First step: where are my contacts in Google

Google is a great tool that helps us save all our contacts (family, friends, colleagues …) almost automatically, so when we need an address that we think we do not have, we usually find it there quite easily. But the fact that almost all addresses are stored also means that we have a space occupied by information that is not relevant. That’s why sometimes we decide to clean up our Google contacts calendar and the inevitable happens: one of the addresses that we do need is deleted.

If this has happened to you during the last month, you have nothing to worry about. Google, apart from storing all your contacts without you having to do it manually, gives you 30 days to recover those addresses that you have deleted by mistake. If that time has already passed, we are sorry, but you will have to look for that person using other more traditional methods.

First step: Google contacts screen

The first thing to do to restore that contact is to go to the Google contacts screen. But maybe you’ve never had to look for them and you do not know how to get there. It is true that it is not in sight, but it is very easy to find it.

  1. If you are in Gmail, go to the upper left corner, exactly where it says ‘Gmail,’ and right next to the name there is an orange arrow placed down.
  2. Click on it and a menu that includes ‘Contacts’ and ‘Tasks’ will be displayed.
  3. Click on ‘Contacts’ and go to the second step.

Second step: how to open the Google contacts menu

When you have clicked on ‘Contacts’ you will see how Google indicates you with an arrow to go to the nine small boxes on the top right of the screen, next to the bell that indicates the notification alarm and the circle with the image ( or letter, if you do not have a photograph) that represents the account in which you are at that moment.

  1. Click on the small boxes and a menu will be displayed where there is a large number of applications, such as Google Drive, Google Maps, YouTube or Google +.
  2. Among them, you can find contacts.
  3. Click and automatically another window will open that corresponds to your contacts.
  4. Now, let’s go to step 3.

Third step: how to recover Gmail contacts

Once you have opened the window where all your Google contacts are, you will discover that the menu is placed on the left of the screen, partially displayed. Precisely, the tab we need to recover our lost addresses is not deployed.

  1. To find it, you just have to go to the drop-down option that says ‘More.’
  2. Pressing it will open a new menu with four different labels: import, export, print ads and undo changes. Precisely, this last option is the one that you must choose to recover your contacts.
  3. Click on it and you will see how a new window opens that gives you several alternatives to undo the changes you have made, from the last ten minutes until a week ago.
  4. You also have the option to choose ‘Custom,’ which allows you to indicate the days, hours and minutes to revert the changes you have made, and allows you to mark up to 30 days before the current date.
  5. You just have to choose the option you want depending on the day you deleted the contact and give ‘Confirm.’
  6. You will have all your lost contacts back.

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