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How to Plan a Family Picnic

A trip to the countryside – The weekend is approaching; the weather should be beautiful – how about a picnic for the whole family? Indeed a great idea for which your children are enthusiastic. But in advance, there is still a lot to consider: what should be given to food? What does everything have to do with it? Where should it go?

Preliminary considerations for the picnic

Careful planning is essential to make the picnic a memorable family experience. Children should be able to frolic in the countryside, you might want to relax for a moment in the meadow, and of course, there should be something delicious to eat.

It is also important to consider where leisure time can take place.

Do you choose a place equipped with benches and tables, or is it a picnic in the park where you make yourself comfortable on blankets? Maybe you also know a beautiful forest clearing, which invites you to linger.

Depending on how old your child is, maybe a ball or skipping rope should be in your luggage. For a baby, you need other utensils on the go. You make preparations easier when you create a list nothing is forgotten.

Then you can also make a note of some outdoor game ideas that will make the picnic fun and entertaining experience for everyone.

Finally, it is still to be considered which tastings suitable for the trip and what preparations are required. Last but not least everything must be packed so that it is easy to transport.

Select a location

If you do not have your garden , you go for a picnic in the great outdoors. If small children are present, there must be no danger sources there. A busy road next to the meadow can pose as much of a risk as a lake, a river or a steep slope. You have to be inattentive for a moment; the bad luck has already happened.

Surely it’s great to enjoy the sunshine. A shady spot should still be present, especially if the children are still small. Maybe you will find a piece of meadow under trees to make yourself comfortable. Otherwise, an awning can create pleasant shade.

What needs to be done?

Which utensils you need depends, among other things, on the location of your choice, the number of people and the age of the children. If you want to make yourself comfortable on a blanket, this, of course, is one of them. On warm summer days, the sunscreen should not be missing.

For a baby, of course, you have to pack everything that is necessary to care for it. Older children may want to take something to play with.

Depending on which food you prepare, you will need dishes, cutlery and napkins. Since not all trash cans are set up, it is essential to carry bags with you so as not to leave any trash. For small adventurers, it may also be useful to have on the go disinfecting wipes, cooling ointment and patches on hand.

For food and drinks, you need suitable containers. Now you have to choose a bag or a basket in which everything fits.

Prepare the food

At the picnic, you can eat quietly with your hand. This has the advantage that you can do without plates and cutlery. The drinks are still water, juice and unsweetened tea. If you have a cooler, they stay at a comfortable temperature.

What you prepare, is ultimately up to your taste, the possibilities are versatile. On warm days, however, keep in mind that some foods can spoil quickly, become soggy, or attract wasps with their sweet smell.

For outdoor dining, for example, sandwiches, boiled eggs and small meatballs are suitable. You can serve radishes, tomatoes, carrots, apples, grapes or strawberries. The fresh food is also suitable for in between if between play and fun a small bite should be nibbled.

Cut the fruit into small pieces and prepare a dip that tastes great and small. Skewers with meatballs and cucumber slices are also ready quickly and eat delicious under the open sky.

If you want to do a little more work, you can also prepare a pasta salad or other dishes. If it’s a bit sweeter, muffins are a good idea. Instead, you can of course also take a pack of cookies.

Cut fruit at home, if you can add a little lemon juice, it will stay more attractive. Also, think of salt, pepper, mustard or dressing if you want to refine food on the spot.

For packing, closable plastic containers, aluminum foil and cling film are suitable. Of course, when things get into the picnic basket, the heavy stuff goes down, so the light things stay on top of their form.

Ready to go

The planning is complete, all preparations have been made, the necessary utensils packed – the adventure can begin.

Surely your children do not feel like lazily sitting around on the lawn before and after the delicious meal and getting bored. Nature offers so much to discover exciting and fun games in between cheer the whole family.

Together, think of something great for the day, play hide-and-seek or sing happy songs along. How about a little nature quiz for the whole family? With the right ideas, the picnic becomes an unforgettable experience.


  • How to prepare a successful family trip:
  • choose a suitable location
  • Create a list of needed utensils
  • to make food
  • refrain from perishable food
  • provide suitable transport containers
  • Collect ideas for games and activities

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