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How To Plan a Baby Friendly Holiday

Where to go on vacation with a child? This question is asked annually by many parents. It is essential, in addition to the choice of the resort to decide on the accommodation.

Holiday with child – equipment and safety aspects

At home, you have the apartment safely child-friendly furnished and equipped. It has its bed; there is a changing table for the baby, your child is not in danger of sockets or cables lying around, dangerous objects have been removed.

Of course, during your vacation, your child should not be exposed to any dangers and you are dependent on suitable furniture. No matter what accommodation you are looking for, you should, therefore, inquire about the equipment and clarify to what extent the safety aspects for infants in the domicile are taken into account.

Is there a suitable bed on site? Are high chairs available? Are the sockets secured? Is there a danger from cables lying around?

You may want to have a washing machine on site, so you do not have to take too many clothes with you. Depending on how you travel, a provided stroller may be useful.

Write down all the things that are important to you in advance and inform yourself accordingly.

Vacation in the hotel

A holiday in a hotel with a child – that sounds like relaxation. Guests can take advantage of the maid service, do not have to cook breakfast, and cook in the hotel kitchen.

The only requirement is that the hotel is set for babies and toddlers as guests and equipped accordingly.

Numerous hotel operators advertise child-friendliness. For babies there are cots, separate rooms for changing and preparing food may be available, there are suitable chairs for children in the restaurants, maybe even pushchairs are provided for free.

Especially child-friendly hotels may offer hours of care for the little ones and there are playrooms and playgrounds.

If all requirements are met, a holiday in the hotel is possible with the baby. Always remember your transport options: Everything you need, which is not provided by the hotel, you have to take with you – not every car has luggage and a place for a travel cot or stroller.

Apartment with child

In an apartment, you are among themselves. You can make sure that no hotel guests in the room next door or the restaurant feel disturbed by her crying baby or the romping toddler. Organize your daily routine, when you decide to have breakfast, you choose.

A disadvantage compared to the holiday in the hotel is, of course, that you cannot be served. All meals must be self-prepared, and there is no daily maid service.

As tempting as it may be to spend time in a cozy family atmosphere, it may be daunting to have to do your daily household chores yourself on holiday.

Once you have weighed up the pros and cons and decided to enjoy the days with your child in a holiday apartment, it is again necessary to inquire about the existing equipment.

The same things have to be clarified for a holiday in a holiday apartment as in a hotel. Depending on the age of your child, you will need different furniture and various utensils. Also, the security-relevant aspects that are important at home, even in an apartment.

Inquire in advance about everything you need and for the well-being of your child at heart. If the domicile meets your expectations, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing family holiday in a holiday apartment.

Camping with children

Camping is often associated with a stay in nature and a sense of freedom. That sounds tempting. But can camping with a child be relaxing?

Sure, if it is a child-friendly campsite, the necessary equipment is available and you think carefully about how you want to spend the camping holiday: camping or rather rent a mobile home?

Travel in a motorhome or car, know its equipment and can also carry bulky items such as a travel cot, the stroller and other things, which does not necessarily fit into the car. If you need to take a tent, there is much more to transport. Also, there is the possibility to rent a caravan, a tent or perhaps a log cabin on site.

Many resorts have campsites geared to families with babies and toddlers. However camping with a baby could be tiring in the tent: it does not have the homelike atmosphere of a hotel or apartment, and the baby might crawl around on the dirty floor.

In a tent you have no protective walls around you, neighbors could be disturbed by a baby crying and your baby in turn from the many unknown voices in the area. It can be unsteady and forced you to improvise here and there.

In a caravan or motorhome, on the other hand, you are among yourself – here, too, can make a holiday with a baby fun.

For toddlers who can already run, camping of any kind can be an exciting adventure. However, you should make sure that there is no danger in the area, because your child would like to explore everything safely. A busy road or a more substantial body of water can quickly become dangerous for him.

Find a campsite in a suitable location, in turn, to clarify what is possibly provided on site and what you need to take with you. Are you ready to relish the comfort of a hotel or vacation rental? If the circumstances are child-friendly, camping with your child can be an experience for all.

Basically: Whether you spend the holidays with your child in a hotel, a holiday apartment or on the campsite, ultimately entrusted to your taste and the idea of a relaxing holiday.


  • Equipment on site
  • Age of your child
  • transportation
  • safety aspects
  • Your willingness to do your daily work yourself

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