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How to Make Homemade Dog Repellent?

If the dogs, be they own or stray, invade your property, urinate on your door, or simply bite your furniture, you probably need a solution to prevent them from continuing with these actions. As we tell you below, there are several scents to which the dog’s nose is very sensitive and therefore they can not stand them, so you can use this to your advantage to create a homemade repellent that keeps these animals away from your home. 

You will need to:

Make a repellent with lemon

First, you can mix the juice of one lemon with two cups of water. Dogs do not tolerate this citrus smell, so if you spread it around the area where you want to avoid the animal prowling, you will get away. It is also a trick that you can also apply against cats because these do not like this aroma either.

One of the main reasons why we want to make repellent for dogs is to prevent them from doing their needs at the door or in the garden of your house.

Alcohol or vinegar

Another method is to mix in a spray a cup of disinfectant alcohol and a couple of cups of water. Then spray the area and repeat this habitually. The vinegar also serves, because its strong smell drives the dogs away. Mix one part of vinegar for five of water to create a solution that you should spread on the place.

On the other hand, we recommend that you soak pieces of cotton in the chosen substance, be it vinegar, lemon or alcohol, and then place them in the area. If it is a garden, replace the cotton regularly to maintain the effectiveness of the repellent, because of the rain and air spoil and dry.

Cayenne pepper

Finally, you can mix one part of cayenne pepper for ten of water in a sprayer. Then spray this substance lightly on the areas you prefer, including furniture if you need to prevent the animal from biting them. This repellent irritates the skin around the nose of the dog, so it will not excite the idea of returning to step on that area.

However, keep in mind that if you throw too much, you can spoil your furniture and pose a threat to the health of the dog, so you should try to concentrate on a proper dose as we recommend.

Professional repellent for dogs

If a home remedy does not get you out of the problem, it’s time to try a professional repellent. There are all kinds of sizes, formulas and prices, but those that work best are made with natural ingredients.

Its repellents are concentrated and make 2 out of 3 dogs stop urinating where they should not. They have a handy guide to understanding the different types of marking and which can be fixed with a repellent.

These are some of the natural options you have for your pet, keep in mind that regardless of the remedy you choose for your dog, you need your help to learn how to urinate in the right place in your house or yard.


It is possible that your pet is tagging for more than one reason. Watch your dog closely and look for signs of dominance, anxiety, incontinence, submission, disease. Each dog requires different products and your help to learn to urinate in the right place in your house or yard.

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