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How to Keep My Dog Cool in Summer?

The hot days not only become a nightmare for us, but our dogs also suffer the summer weather conditions and suffer the effects of high temperatures. That is why during the summer season, dogs also require attention and special care to help them fight the heat, to stay in good shape and enjoy an optimal state of health. As we give you a series of beneficial recommendations, so you know how to keep your dog cool in summer.

Steps to follow:

1.  It is essential that our dog is well hydrated at all times and more strongly on summer days of intense heat. Make sure you always have fresh, clean water so you can drink whenever you want. Place the container in a place that is not exposed to the sun and renew the water more frequently.
2.  A fundamental aspect to keep your dog cool in summer is to enable a shady and well-ventilated place in the garden where he can rest and protect himself from the sun. If you have air conditioning inside the house and the atmosphere is cool, your dog will thank you for allowing you to stay indoors while enjoying your company.
3. When you go for a walk or excursions with your dog, take into account that the ideal is to go out in the hours of less heat. Undoubtedly, the best times of day to do it is very early in the morning or the afternoon when the sun is already setting. The green areas with shade are the most suitable for our pet to run, jump and have fun without having to endure the oppression of heat.
4.  Also, during the hottest hours of the day do not subject your dog to the practice of intense exercise and always carry a bottle of water to refresh it and avoid getting too hot.
5. Many think that shaving dogs in summer will help them not to be so hot, but it is a wrong idea. Dog hair works as a thermal insulator both in the winter season and in summer. Also, the hair protects the animal from the sun’s rays and prevents dehydration of the skin. A good way to keep your dog cool is to brush it frequently when she is shedding her fur to remove the excess amount and free her from excess hair.
6. Especially if in summer you are going to travel by car with your dog, never leave it alone inside the vehicle. The temperature inside a car increases very quickly and your dog could suffer a heat stroke, which can cause you to death. It is convenient that the animal is comfortable in the car, near a window and in the shade.

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