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How to keep baby warm

As soon as hunger ceases, the baby food must come. What are the possibilities to prepare them quickly at the right temperature? Can they also be prepared and kept warm without causing harmful germs? What if the baby needs food on the way?

Babies should be warm

The organism and the digestive system of a baby are still very sensitive. The food should, therefore, have about body temperature – so it is optimally tolerated. This is no problem when breastfeeding. However, if pumped down or replaced, the more expensive.

At home, in principle, no problem is to boil water and allow it to cool to body temperature. However, this takes some time, which is quite unfavorable when the baby cries of hunger. A bottle warmer is then useful. Parents use it to quickly heat a portion of the water that has been boiled for the day. It is also suitable for keeping the food warm for a short time.

Diesel can be used on the road if neither the usual household utensils nor electricity are accessible. Although warm, boiled water can also be entrained in a thermoset, again the problem is to bring the food as quickly as possible to an adequate temperature for the baby.

Advantages of a bottle warmer

With a bottle warmer, you will have to provide fast, well-tempered food for your child. Depending on the equipment, it is suitable for heating or keeping drinks hot; there are also devices for thawing and tempering the pumped milk.

With a bottle warmer, the food is not only quick but also hygienically prepared, which can be particularly problematic on the way. Bottle heaters do not require a lot of space and are usually easy to handle.

Keep ready food warm?

Of course, you have prepared food for your baby, but it is still not hungry or want a clean nappy. In such cases, you can store the food at a very short temperature.

However, this should not be done over a longer period, as nutrients are destroyed in this way and, on the other hand, harmful germs can form for your baby. For this reason, once-cooked tempered food should not be reheated but disposed of. It is recommended not to keep heated food longer than one hour, but rather shorter during the summer months.

For drinks such as tea or water, this is less critical: in a bottle warmer with thermo- function, you can keep it ready to drink for an extended period. Even unopened vials can be kept warm longer than milk, without the food damage – some warmers for baby food are equally suitable for vials and jars.

Keeping the nursery room warm is crucial for the maximum comfort. To ensure baby’s comfort, maybe you have done your best like getting the baby crib mattress, room heater and so on. Yet, you should give importance to warm baby food.

Once heated and opened, the glass should not be brought back to a higher temperature. 

Observe hygiene

To keep the food free from germs and your baby will not pick up any of them, careful hygiene is important when preparing baby food. Therefore, use a separate purified and sterilized vial for each meal. A corresponding hygiene is also required for the bottle warmer. Remember, on the way, to carry enough clean utensils for the preparation.

Different models

For the home, an electric heater is available. In this case, you will be able to bring baby food quickly to the right temperature at any time of the day and can provide your baby. Also, if you have pumped mother’s milk and frozen in portions, there are suitable devices – thawing is thus faster and more even than under warm water. In the microwave, baby food should never be heated due to non-uniform heating.

On the road, bottle heaters with thermal function are ideal. Depending on the model you can bring the baby food to the right temperature or keep a bottle of tea warm for an extended period. For longer distances by car their bottle warmer with adapter, which can be connected to the cigarette lighter.

Here you will find devices for warming and keep baby food for the most different purposes.

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