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How to get rid of sand fleas on your body

Sand fleas prefer to live in the damp and warm sand areas of South and Central America. But they also feel very comfortable in Africa and parts of Asia. Unfortunately, they prefer to stay in areas where people feel comfortable and holiday. Tunga penetrans, as the Sandfloh is also called, are flea crustaceans living on land. They are parasites and need for egg laying warm-blooded mammals. With a body size of 0.5-0.7, they can jump up to 40 cm high. Preferred hosts for egg storage are therefore large pets and humans.

What should be considered in general?

  1. The female of the Sandfloh sits mostly on nail edges, soles, and toes.In the bite wound, it lay eggs and remains in it until it dies after about 20 days.
  2. During this time a pea-like swelling develops.In the middle of this wart-like nodule, you can see a dark spot.This is the darker part of the flea and is also its respiratory opening.
  3. The itching that the bite of a flea triggers is much greater than a typical insect sting.

What to do when the send flowers have hit the ground and how do you get rid of the fleas?

  1. You should always have a sand flipper bite treated by a doctor.
  2. If you do nothing, the female dies after about three weeks and is repelled by the body.The brood then escapes into the open.There remains an inflammation which must be medically treated.
  3. In areas where there are no ambulances, try to remove the flea under the most antiseptic and sterile conditions.
  4. It is best to use tweezers.Try to remove the sand flow through the breathing hole.The wound must then be cleaned and covered.
  5. In any case, avoid severe scratching, as this will increase the risk of infection unnecessarily.Cool the areas with cold packs or cooling pads and apply a cooling, itching-inhibiting gel.
  6. Tigerbalsam is supposed to burn after application, but for a long time to alleviate the itching.
  7. An insider tip is local “pharmacists.”Their means and the ingredients may sometimes seem peculiar, but they are often more efficient than applied means.

How to protect against sand fleas?

  1. If you know that and flowers are present in your area, wear closed shoes and socks, and wear long trousers.
  2. In general, you are safe from sand fleas below the flood level.
  3. If you decide to wear bikini or swimwear, rub your body and face with body oil.The oil film makes it difficult to penetrate a flea.
  4. Here, too, it is advisable to seek advice and help in a pharmacy.In any case, you will get tips and advice for effective creams, lotions or insect sprays.

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