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How to get rid of diaper rash

The diaper now and then to leave happy the baby skin. Scaly or weeping, red skin around the buttocks and groins evidently indicate that babies suffer from diaper dermatitis.

This partially severe damage to the skin is often due to the skin-irritating substances in bowel movements and urine.

In combination with the damp and warm climate under the diaper, these attack the skin and ensure:

  • redness,
  • shed,
  • weeping, chapped skin as well
  • small bubbles.

These lesions provide a target for bacteria or fungi. These are usually in a healthy skin layer, without causing problems.

If the upper layer of the skin is damaged, it can cause inflammation and skin diseases such as thrush. Among other things, these are associated with nodules and bleeding tears and should be treated as a pediatrician.

Causes of diaper dermatitis

Diaper dermatitis develops when the usual environment around the skin on the baby’s body changes. This is the case, for example, if:

  • diarrheal disease is present
  • the urine is more concentrated and therefore more acidic due to infection than usual,
  • sharp or sour food leads to a correspondingly acidic bowel movement,
  • antibiotic or other medicines that alter the intestinal and skin environment,
  • hypersensitivity or allergy to the diapers and care products used,
  • Babies are teething and in this phase of development more susceptible to redness and eruptions.

Treatment options for diaper rash

If there is only a slight diaper rash, with no major, painful rashes and wounds, treatment is easily possible at home.

For the delicate baby skin to calm down, it is important to keep it as dry as possible. Let your baby kick without a diaper. Even a little sun often helps wonders.

Are you traveling a lot, then you should give your baby more often a new diaper and dry his butt every time you wrap. Waterproof nappy rash creams and nappy liners from raw silk also ensure a soft, dry baby skin and protect against moisture.

For the treatment of sores you can:

  • Breastmilk,
  • cold chamomile tea or
  • Dab cold black tea.

These have a calming effect on the skin. Also, choose a protection cream containing zinc. Zinc supports the healing process.

Prevent the sore butt

A sore butt cannot always be avoided. Especially in the period of teething, the skin is often more sensitive than usual. However, you may notice redness on the baby’s poo:

  • What your child or you, as a breastfeeding mom, eat. Acidic fruits, nuts, chocolate and cow’s milk, make the bowel movement and urine more acidic both through breast milk and indirect food intake.
  • To wrap more often and directly after every bowel movement and dry your bottom well,
  • Care products without chemical additives or fragrances to use.

If you suspect that the baby skin may react to the diapers or insoles used, a change of diapers may be useful. Cloth diapers, for example, are more permeable to air than disposable diapers.

The diaper now and again leaves happy not only the baby skin. Many babies find that quite liberating and pedaling all the more satisfied and more.

Expert Advice

  • Avoid wet wipes: they sometimes contain ingredients that the irritated skin cannot handle. In an intact, non-irritated skin, nothing speaks against the use of wet wipes. I recommend you: In the morning, pour warm water into a thermos and place a small bowl on the changing table. Add oil to a pump dispenser and clean the sore butt with warm water and a soft washcloth.
  • Therapeutic Wool: My insider tip for irritated skin. Put a thin layer of healing wool or wool-silk inserts in the diaper. This quickly soothes the reddened skin and sore bottom and keeps it well dry.
  • Diapers can also be the trigger for allergic reactions and sore buttocks. Often a change of the diaper brand brings a quick improvement; also cloth diapers are a good option. Watch out for regular diaper changes.
  • Tea: Not only good for mom! Black tea is very useful for dabbing the baby shower. Black tea contains tannins that are very helpful for wound healing.
  • Calendula (calendula), lavender or comfrey ointments are very good for irritated skin. For open spots, I also like to recommend a zinc ointment in conjunction with urea.
  • Sitz baths: With tanning agent, naturally made of oak bark or artificial tanning agent (available at the pharmacy). Seat baths relieve the itching and lead to faster healing.
  • Air Bath: The best with a sore butt – and always loved by babies. Have your baby kick as often as possible without a diaper. Nothing heals better than the natural element air!

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