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How to Get Old Dog Urine Stains Out of Carpet?

In addition to cats, dogs are the best friends of humans. How long man and dog have already gone together are not exactly clear, but the time span is probably thousands of years. Even though husband and dog walk through each other’s lives for so long, the dog remains an animal, even if some of the masters or mistresses see it quite differently. Dogs now have certain characteristics, which can be partially trained, partly but also owed to the nature of the animal. If you think that you have no time to make any carpet cleaner then you can buy a carpet cleaner from this Best Carpet Cleaner for Old Pet Urine guide.

The problem of dog urine on the carpet floor usually results from three situations. On the one hand, there is the still very young dog, which is not yet pure, then the adult dog, which marks its territory, the house, and then still sick, incontinent animals. For all three, there are solutions to prevent further urination, but once the damage is done, it can be repaired with this guide.

The possibilities listed here are always dependent on the substrate. They refer to a standard, commercially available carpet or carpet floor. Costly carpets with a tight knot or long pile carpets should be cleaned by the specialist.

The utensils

  • rubber gloves
  • water
  • cloth
  • Wurzelbürste
  • vinegar


  1. First, dilute the urine with water, but do not use too much water. Otherwise, the gumming of the carpet on the underside may be attacked. It is about thinking the dog-urine. It is best to dab the affected area with the damp cloth. The older the dog is, the more intense must be moistened.
  2. Immediately after the treatment with the water dilute the vinegar essence with water 1 to 1 and work with the toothbrush into the area affected by the urine. Rub vigorously, because the neutralization of the urine by the vinegar works only if the entire urine spot is covered.
  3. Let the stain slowly dry.
  4. After drying it can be through the use of the brush and the vinegar, which at this point the carpet is brighter than the environment. Then the carpet has to be cleaned completely with a carpet cleaner.


  • In the first time, you will notice the Essiggeruch, but it will fly relatively quickly. Not, however, for the finer nose of the dog, which will then make a bow around the unpleasant smell.
  • Do not use any scent spray as they are often advertised in advertising. As soon as the perfumes have disappeared in the remedy, the urine pouch is back.
  • Do not try to accelerate the drying process with the hairdryer. The heat in combination with the moisture would irreparably damage the carpet.

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