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How to Get Likes on Youtube?

A conversation with Claudia Eder from the start-up “Tubics” about advertising, like-bots and videos on the world’s largest video portal.

Best Top Reviews Online: As a user of “YouTube” can I differentiate between spurious and likes?

Claudia Eder: No, unless you watch a video and notice a jump in Likes. These are then mostly bought Likes from a Clickfactory. Otherwise, only the algorithm of YouTube itself can identify spurious likes: YouTube removes Likes, which are created by Autorefresh and also searches explicitly for like-bots.

Best Top Reviews Online: Is it illegal to buy Likes?

Claudia Eder: No. However, it does not make sense. One wants that interested people to watch the videos. And YouTube may even block the channel.

Best Top Reviews Online: Can YouTube care about who watches the videos?

Claudia Eder:  On the contrary. YouTube’s business model is advertising. The whole algorithm is designed to offer users appropriate advertising. Anyone who comes to YouTube should see tailored to him interesting content. That’s the focus.

Best Top Reviews Online: Why is YouTube becoming more and more interesting for businesses?

Claudia Eder: The advertising trend turns into a moving image and away from the TV commercial, especially for young target groups. The second trend is content marketing: Interesting content should bind customers to the brand. Companies want to build a community by getting in contact with their target groups through the videos. One example is DIY stores that make how- 
To videos or recipes videos from supermarket chains.

Best Top Reviews Online: What are your three tips for success on YouTube?

Claudia Eder: First, look at which videos in the area are searched and liked online. Second, the metadata – tags, keywords, description, etc. – should be designed to match search queries and content. Third, a good title.

Best Top Reviews Online: What is a good title?

Claudia Eder: Often, the questions are very good. For example, one of our clients changed a video title from “Stromschule” to “How does electricity come from?”. This phrase is much more often searched for and better matches the content. After renaming, the video was viewed more often by a factor of 30.

Best Top Reviews Online: What are the three biggest mistakes?

Claudia Eder: First, to choose a title that is not relevant to the viewer, such as the company name. Second: no subtitles. These are an important factor for search engines and their ranking. Third, make the thumbnail of YouTube. This often has no information for the viewer.

Claudia Eder is the co-founder and CEO of “Tubics,” a startup that helps businesses with content marketing software on YouTube.

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