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How to Fix Discolored Clothes

Decoloring discolored laundry without bleaching agent – explained step by step
Everyone knows what is going on because most have already experienced the malaise. You open the washing machine, and the laundry is no longer snow-white, but red, green or blue. Once the laundry is discolored, decoloring is not as easy as it should be.

Washed laundry: How can it happen? 
One is distracted or does not fit properly, and a red T-shirt gets caught between the white clothes, and the whole wash is already discolored red. In most cases, these are new garments, which have excess color and during the washing process, the surplus color passes into the water and penetrates the other textiles.

Discolored laundry: discard or decolor? 
There are only two possible solutions when the laundry is discolored. Either dispose of the dyed laundry or try to recolor it. The decoloring agents from the supermarket contain, in principle, sharp bleaching agents, but there are also excellent home remedies, which decently wash the laundry.


  • water
  • bucket
  • spoon
  • Washing machine or toilet brush
  • Discolored laundry

Decolour discolored laundry: step-by-step instructions

  1. The first step is to put the discolored laundry in a bucket.
  2. Then water is heated and poured into the bucket over the discolored laundry. Then take either tooth-cleaning sticks or dishwashing tablets (four tablets per procedure) and place them in the bucket.
  3. Now take a spoon and stir the water until the tabs are completely dissolved. The water becomes colored during stirring, as the tabs, while they begin to disappear already quite quickly, draw the paint very gently from the laundry.
  4. The discolored water is thoroughly poured off, and the discolored laundry should be put into the washing machine again to wash out any remaining paint.


  • During the next wash, you should remember to put a color catcher in the washing machine. This approach helps to protect the environment and does not discolor the laundry.
  • Clean clothes with steamer to keep the color which will be looked like a new cloth you bought.
  • Decolorizers from the trade are not recommended, because these contain, as already mentioned at the outset, sharp bleaching agents.
  • Care should be taken with clothing which is decorated with appliqués or metal buttons because these do not tolerate bright bleaching agents at all and become visually unattractive as well as worn out. Regular bleaching agents can also be used for white garments of cotton or linen. If, however, the discolored garment is made of a chemical fiber, decoloring is no longer possible.

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