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How to eat babies and toddlers

Three-year-olds who do not sit, five-year-olds who eat everything with their fingers and schoolchildren who reject fruits and vegetables entirely. Often, parents and educators want a better behavior at the table. However, it is essential to introduce binding rules at the family level as early as possible.

In addition to a great deal of understanding and patience, this also includes a lot of consistency and the right equipment with the adjustable high chair, Children’s dishes and cutlery.

When should children sit at the family table?

From the sixth month of life, babies show an ever-growing interest in the food of adults and siblings. Everything the big ones push into the mouth, they would also like to try. In this development phase, every baby sucks, sucks, sucks and sucks every baby around with everything, what it gets into his little hands. No matter whether the toy is or a bread edge.

As soon as the baby food is begun, i.e., from the 4th month, the parents should take their baby to the family table. Since most babies cannot sit at this time, it is safest to put them on the table either in a seesaw or in a specially designed attachment that can be attached directly to the chair.

If your child is older and can already sit, there are high chairs that can be adjusted both in height and in the required seat depth. A likewise adjustable board, on which the child can put his feet comfortably, gives additional support.

So that the baby accustomed to different tastes, it gets from the normal family food. Of course, it will not be enough. The breast of the mother, the bottle, and the baby’s porridge still play the main roles when feeding the baby.

How does the child learn to use cutlery?

As soon as the youngest member of the family sits at the table, his appearance is likely to change, at least for some time. Sticky puddles, mash, separated noodle rests and crumbs of buns or biscuits decorate its formerly shiny surface. This is completely normal. After all, the baby must first learn how to use cutlery and what “good behavior at the table” means at all.

As soon as the sprout shows interest, he should get a child-friendly spoon in his hand and spoon his mush. While the first attempts still require a lot of patience, many children aged one to one and a half already do very well. Two-year-old children should be able to eat largely independently and “neatly” with the spoon.

Break-resistant children’s harness does not only look cute but helps to limit the possible damage caused by minor accidents. If the infant is three years old, it can begin to practice how to be eaten with a knife and a fork.With four, at the latest five years, trained children can already eat quite well with cutlery.

Tip: Pretty child’s cutlery is available in many different designs and is an excellent gift for a third birthday.

Table manners already in the toddler age?

This question is clear with “Yes!” answer. Parallel to the motor skills, the smallest ones should be cautiously and patiently brought to the usual table manners. Quite clear: the learned are quickly forgotten again, and the two-year-old offspring sits contentedly with the noodle playing at the table.

This is quite normal and no reason for scolding. Nevertheless, patience and loving consistency are paying off. With about three to four years, the children understand the rules and can, aside from some slip-ups, keep them well.

The main table rules for small children:

  • Before it comes to the dining table: Wash hands.
  • They all start eating together.
  • Toys or books have nothing to eat. The TV is off.
  • Unappetizing things, such as munching on food or spitting food on the plate are forbidden.
  • Do not use words of abuse. Please and say thank you.
  • Who wants to get up from the table, just ask. The child is allowed to get up but does not disturb the adult as they continue or entertain.

Does a child have to eat his plate empty?

In order not to interfere with the natural feeling of satiety, experts today advise not to force children to eat. However, the parents should support their children to learn that they are not going to fill their plates. The sentence: “Please take only as much as you can eat.” understand the little ones from about three years. Until they can properly implement this spell, it takes however up to the school age.


  • Positive motivation, lots of praise and motivation help the children learn how to master the table manners.
  • Babies and toddlers up to two years should not be compelled, but patiently, to the food at the family table.
  • Practice creates masters. This also applies to the seating at the table and the handling of cutlery.
  • Particularly when eating, the role model of the “great” must not be underestimated. Newspaper reading is just as taboo for the Papa, as the long-standing rebound of the big sister.

Expert Tips

  • I always recommend my women to give their children the vitamin D tablet dissolved on a spoon to get used to the baby early on the cutlery.

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