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How to dry hydrangeas – these two methods lead to success

Hydrangeas – a flowering dream in summer
The hydrangea has always been popular, but in recent years it has become an actual trend flower. What does not surprise you, their beautiful flowers shine in the different shades and make for an impressive view from the early summer in the garden. The flower colors vary from pure white to pink and cream, to an intense blue or red.

Even if the hydrangea is spontaneously assigned to the rustic farm garden, it is much more versatile. The hydrangea in the Asian-inspired garden in white or pink makes for highlights, in the beautiful purist-designed garden make the beautiful flowers also a quite good figure. Good news for all those who do not own a garden: the hydrangeas thrive even in tubs and pots on the balcony.

It is, therefore, understandable to preserve the flowers to illuminate the gray, gloomy winter months with this summer plant. We show two different types of hydrangeas to dry – depending on how much time one has available and how thoroughly one would like to proceed …

The swift way to make hydrangea preserve

This is necessary

  • A vase
  • Garden shears
  • Little water
  • Hydrangeas

This is how it’s done

  1. Cut the hydrangea with the garden shears
  2. Fill the vase with about 10 cm of water
  3. Add the hydrangeas

When the water begins to sink, the flowers start to dry. The advantage is that the flowers dry relatively quickly, the significant disadvantage with this method is that the flowers lose a lot of their magnificent color and the flowers become very thin as paper.

The thorough method
by far the better way to dry the hydrangeas: A water-glycerol mixture

For this one needs

  • Garden shears
  • A vase
  • Hydrangeas
  • water
  • glycerin

This is how it’s done

  1. Get glycerine at the drug store or the pharmacy
  2. Mix two-thirds of water with one-third of glycerine
  3. Empty the water-glycerin mixture into the vase
  4. Add the hydrangeas to this mixture and bring some patience

The hydrangeas absorb the water-glycerin mixture, and the glycerin enters the flower cells. The water is evaporated in a few days, but the glycerin remains in the flowers. The advantage of this method is that the dried hydrangea retains its beautiful color and the flowers feel quite soft.

The dried plants can then be processed into colorful bouquets or flower arrangements. In general, the dried hydrangeas are preserved forever, but dust and dirt are indeed used over the years, so they can not be used for eternity as decoration.

Tips and tricks around the hydrangea

  • If the hydrangeas are cut to dry, then at a time when they still have their beautiful color.
  • Do not cut too deep down. Otherwise, you cut the shoots for the next year
  • In autumn and winter, you can leave the panicles of the hydrangeas. Not only do they look quite beautiful with hoar frost, but they also form a frost protection for small plants.

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