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How to do housework with a newborn

A budget helps you to do that – on the one hand, the child is the center of attention, on the other hand, the environment should be clean and hygienic. The day has only 24 hours, and parents have to rest.

Household with child – a scenario

The baby is sleeping, so it’s time to clear the table. They go with the empty coffee cup and the breakfast dishes in the kitchen. You wanted to clear out the dishwasher, but since the eye falls on the tea towels, they need to be washed.

Even as you bring them to the bathroom, the thoughts turn to the later purchase – the shopping list still has to be written. You could quickly put the laundry in the machine, but go back to the kitchen before you forget what else is on the list.

The thoughts are still in the dirty laundry; you realize that the detergent could run out, so you go back to the bathroom to look.

As you pass, you accidentally look into the living room, which urgently needs to be vacuumed again. There is also a burp cloth from the baby who has to go to the laundry. You see the old paper in the corner and bring it to the apartment door.

The burp cloth comes back to you; you get it from the living room to bring it to the bathroom. What did you want there again?

As you ponder, you notice that the sink could also be cleaned again. Lost in thought, you reach for the cloth and notice with a glance that the cleaning agent is almost used up. You put the rag on the side to supplement the shopping list in the kitchen.

There you remember that you wanted to look in the bathroom for the detergent. In the bathroom, you will see the basket with the ironing, which will bring you quickly into the living room.

In this way, the time passes, the baby wakes up again, you ran a felt marathon through the apartment, the dishwasher is still not cleared, the shopping list is not written, the washing machine is not running, you also notice the windows, too would have to be cleaned again. Now the baby has priority again.

With a child on your arm, you pick up the vacuum cleaner and place it as a thought support in the living room next to the ironing machine. It’s time to go shopping – hopefully, do not forget anything important, so no list.

What can be changed?

The household can also be organized with a child. A budget helps you to do that, as well as it helps if you do not put yourself under pressure. Write down in a quiet minute which household tasks are important and at what intervals they need to be done.

Based on this, a weekly plan can be created. Afterwards, you can roughly organize the day in the same way – after all, there are also things that have to be done on a daily basis. Leave everything in your plan that can wait – it’s not about perfection, it’s about a rough organization structure.

Involve the child

Some things are good to do during a baby’s waking hours. Have a sling, his hands are free: There can be vacuumed wonderful or wipe dust while your baby feels secure as close to your body. The shopping list can be supplemented at any time; even small cleanups can make you.

Soon your child will get older and can help you. Use his curiosity to help sort the laundry by color. It can be enough to hang up staples and small items of laundry: as soon as it can run, it certainly helps to bring unbreakable dishes into the kitchen – of course, no sharp objects like knives or forks – and to put the dishwasher in and out.

Even lying around old paper can bring it into the box in the corner and take over other small handles in between. It’s fun; you actively spend your time together while even doing some household chores.

The plan

You have created your budget, you should stick to it, with some things in the awake phases, others fall into the sleep phases of your child. You will notice something in between, whatever you could do. Just leave it – nothing has to be perfect, nothing is going away. Only when all the important tasks have been completed should you devote yourself to any other activities.

But it is not bad when the time is pressing, and you can not do everything as intended. Then limit yourself to the essentials: kitchen, bathroom, changing room and sleeping place of the child. Everything else can wait.

Take some time to note down how long you will take for which of the important activities. On a list, the important tasks that occur daily seem like a lot, but they do not take up so much time. This gives you the opportunity to organize your work in a meaningful way and to complete it step by step in small steps.

The rest of the time you can, of course, spread over the days for various tasks such as wiping floors, more thorough cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen, vacuuming and the like.

In general, the workload should not exceed one hour a day – if you are limited to the needs and not run around the apartment as in the above scenario because you notice something here and there.

With a thoughtful plan as a guide, you bring structure into the housework, which also helps you to sort the thoughts and to complement the shopping list in between.

If you then involve your child where possible, the household can be mastered – provided that you have a potential for perfection. Then you can even use your child’s rest periods to calm yourself down.

Need help?

You may still be overwhelmed, so do not be shy to seek help. Announce a visit, ask you to bring purchases, you have your list at hand. Would you like to celebrate your birthday simply “ironing an hour” or “cleaning windows” instead of material things?

If possible, ask relatives or acquaintances to help you. That can be just in between or an agreed day in the week. A working partner can also do some work after work.

You may be able to finance a home help. The investment can pay off because your well-being benefits your child as well. If the budget does not allow it, there is also the option of contacting the youth welfare office if it is too much.

They will endeavor to assist you in the child’s best interests, including, if necessary, helping with the household or at least helping you with the organization, possibly in the heat of the moment you have just gotten bogged down and overcharged.


  • Housing with a child is not always easy to manage, but it still has to be mastered when you make a well-thought-out plan,
  • to limit oneself to the necessities,
  • Involve your child,
  • take breaks in between treatments as well
  • to accept help

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