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How to Clean Windows Properly

According to surveys and studies, window cleaning is one of the most unpopular household chores. No wonder, because it means a lot more effort than to suck dust or to bring down the garbage.

In general, you have to wait until the weather allows the window cleaning. Then the sills must be cleared, you need the right tools, and the work itself can be pretty sweaty. Because streak-free windows without streaks seem to be a work of witchcraft that can rob you of the last nerve. And who does not know that: No sooner has it finally made it and is done with all the windows, you can be sure that the next cloudburst is approaching, which does the laborious work destroyed within seconds. You may also think about cleaning cork floor and cleaning pavers. this is so easy to do and hope after reading our guides you will easily do it.

But now stop the black painting and ran to the windows, because it is not so bad. With these five-step instructions, the window cleaning is done in no time at all, and streaks and streaks are a thing of the past:

Window clean streak-free

1. Rough cleaning
This step applies only to windows that are heavily contaminated with pollen, cobwebs, dust or sand. These should first be freed from the coarse dirt with a soft hand brush. Rough and hard brushes, sponges and brooms, however, are not suitable for cleaning glass surfaces, because they leave nasty scratches. Particularly stubborn, stuck dirt particles should be briefly soaked with warm water and a little detergent.

2. Preparation
Next you pick up buckets and cloths. The bucket is filled with warm water and mixed with a few drops of dish soap or all-purpose cleaner. A special glass cleaner can save you, conventional detergent has the same effect. By the way, cleaning rags should have four ready, two clean dishcloths and two dry microfibre cloths. And a puller must not be missing.

3. Cleaning
Now it’s time for a break. First, the window frame has to believe in it, which is wiped with a dishcloth. Then take the second cloth and soak the disk from top to bottom.

4. Removal
Immediately after cleaning, the water must be removed from the window with the puller so that no streaks remain. Important: The slider must have a straight, clean and stable rubber surface and we work horizontally from top to bottom. It is advisable to strip the puller briefly after each run on a dry microfiber cloth.

5. Wiping
The last step in window cleaning: wipe with a dry microfibre cloth and remove the residual moisture from the edges. So you can easily polish away any resulting stripes.

Valuable tips for window cleaning

  • Do not clean the windows in bright sunshine. Otherwise, they will dry too quickly and streaks and streaks will form immediately. 
  • Windows that have become a little dull over the years, you can help with a few drops of linseed oil again on the jumps. Only leave on for a short time and then rinse off thoroughly.
  • Vinegar helps against limescale on the glass. Add about three tablespoons per bucket to the cleaning water.

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