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How to clean car seats stains – step-by-step explains

CleaningYour car with household cleaners Spring comes, the winter tires come down and the time is ripe for a thorough spring cleaning of your vehicle. Most of the time, we treat our faithful 4-wheeled escort only a short drive through the wash street, followed by a quick sucking operation over seats and floor mats on the Münsäuber Waschstraße. But the winter with dirt and dust, the chocolate stains of the children from the ski trip into the mountains, the dark edges of the paw footprints of your dog, or the coffee stain from the last drive-in visit – do not disappear with this short treatment.

If you want your seat covers to be tip-top again, you can, of course, bring it to the car maker or the workshop of your trust. You can also rush to the nearest specialist store and buy all possible cleaning products and specialty towels. However, it is also significantly cheaper and easier. Here you can find out how you can easily bring back your seat covers with Vordermann. 

MaterialsBegin very easily – the following resources should also be found in your household.

  • An empty spray bottle (e.g., from the spraying of flowers or an empty bottle of window cleaner)
  • Rinse aid, about one finger wide
  • Excellent detergent, a “Stamperl,” i.e., in about 4cl
  • cleaning sponge
  • Microfasertuch
  • Vacuum cleaner with upholstery brush and crevice nozzle

Proper cleaningThis is how you can get started successfully

  1. fill in the empty spray bottle with a little detergent and the little soap. Fill the bottle with warm water. Then close and shake well.
  2. Vacuum the seat covers thoroughly with the vacuum cleaner. The crevice nozzle facilitates sucking in the joints and cracks.
  3. Spray the seats evenly with the prepared solution. Using the cleaning sponge, rub the solution thoroughly and massage the cleaner into the soiling.
  4. After approximately 2 hours of waiting time with the car windows open, your seat covers should be dry and clean again. Use the moistened microfiber cloth, and the result will satisfy you.

Helpful and tips

  • For stubborn stains get a glass from your kitchen. Spray the stain and put the glass over the stain with the opening down. As with cramping in the doctor’s office, move the glass over the surface. That messages the stain out.
  • Air your vehicle during the procedure and the following days often and well to avoid mold formation.
  • Should you name a washing machine, clean the coverings once with pure hand-warm water.
  • Depending on the fabric softener used, your car will smell pleasantly for weeks. In the future, you will save yourself fragrance trees in the car – take a look at your favorite softening air.
  • With the same methodology, you can also handle the roof sky and the floor mats.

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