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How to Choose the Right Purse

The right handbag to start school

With the anticipation of the new “adventure school” come with the parent’s many questions. The purse for all books and notebooks will eventually catch the eye of the handbag. 

There are many brands, colors, and shapes and often parents are overwhelmed when choosing the right hatred for the beginning of their child’s school. 

Here is a guide that makes it easier for you and your child to find a suitable bag.

  1. Pay particular attention to a test seal on the handbag. You wear a standard sticker or a TÜV seal to which you can orientate yourself. The satchel standard DIN 58124 should be fulfilled in any case.
  2. The back of the handbag also plays a significant role. It should be ergonomically shaped, resting against several parts of the body and not overhanging the shoulder. Here is the opinion of your child important. The handbag is not comfortable; a purchase should be excluded.
  3. Straps and straps should be four inches wide and padded sufficiently.
  4. Your child should be well visible even when driving. Therefore, pay attention to reflectors on the sides and at the front of the ratchet. Yellow and orange are also seen well in the twilight or the rain. Large reflector strips even catch your eye in the dark, reflecting the light from the cars.
  5. Side pockets provide enough space for water bottles, which often cause wet books and books inside the handbag.
  6. A firm footing is important for the easy opening and filling of the lance. Take care when buying it, because it should not fall over when empty.

Here are some tips that are helpful when buying and using the satchel:

  • Give your child the opportunity to choose the color themselves. It is supposed to spend a few years with the bag. Take it with you for purchase. Often a child’s choice of color, shape, and pattern may be misleading. Therefore, discuss details beforehand and choose the bags that your child is allowed to try on.
  • Pay attention to the placement of the books. The heavy things should lie directly on the back so that the spine is not unnecessarily burdened.
  • Show your child the correct use of the school bag. He should not be worn as a shoulder bag.
  • The weight of the snatch must not exceed 10% of the importance of the child. Otherwise, the health of the child may be endangered.

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