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How to choose a shelter for my dog?

The booth is a fundamental element for all those dogs that live or sleep outside. Especially in cold weather, the booth is the refuge of the dog and as such you must choose the one that best suits him. For this, you must take into account both the size of your dog and the climatic conditions of your place of residence. There is a great variety of dog huts, therefore, in this article, how we give you the keys so that you know how to choose a shelter for your dog properly.

Steps to follow:
1. The first thing we have to take into account when choosing our dog’s house is its size. The ideal booth is one that allows your dog to enter without any problem, stand up inside, take a walk and lie down. If you can not do any of this, your dog will be uncomfortable because his booth will be small. It is also not advisable to acquire a too large house since it will not create a warm environment suitable for your dog.
2. Likewise, the width of the house cannot be less than the length of your dog. For example, if your dog is a Golden Retriever and is 70 cm long (from the snout to the rear, the tail does not count) the width of the shelter can not be less than 70 cm, since then your dog could not move inside, or turn around to lie down.
3. The height of the house should be calculated according to the height of your dog. The ideal measure is the height of the dog plus 25% of it. For example, if your dog is 75 cm tall, you should add 25% to know the perfect height of your house. 25% of 75 is 19, rounding off, so 75 + 19 = 94 cm. This is the perfect height for a dog that is 75 cm tall. Apply this formula following the measurements of your can.
4. The door of the house is another element that we can not neglect. It is advisable to be on one side of the house, since this situation favors the isolation of the house, preventing air currents and cold. To know the ideal measurements of the door you should also take into account the size of your dog. However, this time the opening should not be higher than it, the small doors avoid air intake better. The ideal is that the altitude of the door is just at the height of your dog’s chest, so you can crouch without problems to enter.
5. The material of the house is another factor to take into account when choosing the most appropriate. There are two types of dog huts:
  • Wooden huts If they are made of quality wood, they tend to be very resistant to changes in temperature and adverse situations, such as thunderstorms. They keep the heat inside very well and can be the perfect refuge for your dog. But, being manufactured with a natural material, requires constant maintenance to avoid moisture problems, especially. It is recommended that they have legs that avoid direct contact with the wet ground.
  • Plastic houses This type of sheds are also usually very resistant if they are manufactured with strong materials and quality. Its cleaning and maintenance are much simpler than the previous ones because they are made of plastic. But they do not keep the heat with the same effectiveness as the previous ones, in the same way, that they do not create humidity either. With a mattress and a blanket can become the ideal room for your dog.
6. Regardless of the house you choose, it is always recommended that you supplement it with a mattress so that your dog feels more comfortable. And, in the case of choosing a plastic shed, do not forget to add a blanket too. The aesthetics of the house should be based on the tastes of the owner, although those with a small porch slow the passage of air better.

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