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How to Celebrate Easter With Kids

Soon it will be time again: The Easter Bunny comes and hides many colorful eggs. In addition to Christmas and birthday, Easter is one of the most beautiful celebrations of the year for many children and adults. Not only the egg hunt but also crafts, Easter stories and traditions are as much at Easter as culinary Easter specialties. With a little attention, love and joy on Easter, this celebration can be designed so that it brings fun even for young children and Easter bunnies.

Easter as a celebration

While the little ones are already fascinated by a colorful Easter decoration, one-year-olds can already help diligently with decorating and even actively participate in coloring eggs. Where this widespread throughout Europe, early Christian tradition comes is unclear. In the USA the colored egg is valid since the 13./14. Century as an Easter present.

paint Easter eggs

So that an Easter egg is still edible after its ornament, you should use food colors. Easter egg colors are more active on white eggs than on brown ones. The egg colors are available in different forms. First, they are available as cold-paint tablets. These must be given only in cold water – depending on the instructions with a little vinegar. The eggs put into the colored water take on the color after a few minutes. Other color tablets work only in boiling water. These are not suitable if smaller children help color the Easter eggs.

When blown eggs, the more significant artists can already reach for the felt pen. Larger kindergartners or schoolchildren should also test the processing of waxed Easter eggs with a knife or pen. Smaller children often enjoy marbling Easter eggs.

Funny Easter games for indoors and outdoors

Not only easter egg hunting should lure children outside into the spring nature. Easter offers numerous opportunities to enjoy nature and to move extensively. Egg racing, collecting willow twigs as a lucky charm or picking up freshwater at one of the springs – the list of Easter outdoor activities is long. The Oberbergische tradition of easter egg throwing out in the meadow is especially fun. The egg, which rolls furthest without damage, brings success and happiness to its owner shortly.

If the weather does not play at all, often offer at Easter many Plan B versions. Many museums or even rail and shipping companies invite to family trips with Easter program. In bad weather at Easter, but it must not be boring in your own home. Many children like to listen to the Easter stories from various countries and love making Easter bread, such as an Easter yeast cake or lamb cake. Even Easter cards tinker already the smallest.

Bake at Easter

Those who want to combine baking pleasure and to craft should make salt dough. Whether easter nest, chicks, rabbits or eggs, the kneading imagination knows no bounds. For the production, you only need two cups of flour, two cups of salt and half a cup of water. In the dried state, the kneading can even paint and beautify. You can use spray paint for the perfection of the art of kneading.

Easter time is family time

Although the free Easter holidays invite you to plan numerous Easter activities in the family party, you should also take the time to enjoy the family time and the beginning of spring. An Easter walk and cozy first drinking coffee outside while the children play in the mud suit has for all family members usually have a higher adventure and recreational value as a fully packed Easter calendar.

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