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How to Celebrate Carnival with Kids

It is especially exciting for children when the party is under a specific motto – magical elves, mysterious magicians, funny clowns or wild animals: children love to disguise themselves and to slip into other roles. Celebrating Carnival is the perfect opportunity to have a colorful party at home with friends.

Carnival celebrates: colorful ideas for children

Of course, the costumes are the focus of every carnival party. Even for the tiny ones from 1 year, there are great costumes in small sizes: princesses, dragons, Knights Templar, snowmen and sweet animals from Dalmatian to Panda are the stars of every carnival party.

For the carnival celebration to be a complete success, the planning is at the very beginning for the parents. It is particularly exciting for children if the party is under a specific motto. Advantages of the themed parties: The decoration and even the carnival buffet can be fine-tuned to the slogan. We present you some ideas:

  • Carnival party in the fairy tale forest: Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Elves, Dwarves and Magicians gather for a fairy-tale carnival celebration in the woods. With a fairy-tale decoration the imagination knows no bounds: with native cardboard trees and long, green crepe paper strips, a forest can be stylized. Colorful garlands, colored flowers from napkins and, of course, a treasure chest with chocolate gold talents complete the fairytale pleasure.
  • In the circus: At the carnival party in the entertainment, of course, the trainer with his lion may not be missing. But cute circus animals, a magician with great tricks and a ballerina who dances on the rope, fit great to this circus motto. As an animal backdrop for the circus party, a lot of stuffed animals can be used. But also pennant garlands, colorful confetti, streamers and horns are great accessories for this themed party.
  • Medieval party: Knights, princesses, queens and the fire-breathing dragon are the stars of the medieval party. For the right medieval mood, for example, self-painted coat of arms, which are hung in the living room. Flags, balloons, cardboard swords and dragon heads are great accessories for such a party.
  • Carnival celebrate with little heroes: Who does not want to commit to a theme at a carnival party, the motto can also make a bit freer. At a boys’ party, for example, pirates, astronauts, firefighters, rock stars or superheroes can celebrate together. Girls dress up as Bat Girl or Super Girl at their Superhero Party. Decoration that suits every occasion is colorful balloons, streamers and garlands.

Make-up for children

A perfect make-up also requires a creative make-up. With the right instructions and the right make-up, you conjure an effective make-up on the face of your children. Many great suggestions for make-up faces can be found in various books on the topic of makeup.

The detailed instructions transform girls and boys into beautiful princesses, cute cats, brave knights or mysterious wolves. Incidentally, imaginative make-up faces are also an excellent alternative for children who do not want to dress like that during carnival.

Make-up books and make-up can be discovered here.

So that the carnival party is a complete success, a carnival menu with many small delicacies is essential. The treats should be presented in small bites on a table so that the children can take something independently.

The classic, which must not be missing at any carnival party, are donuts or, depending on the region, Berliners. Also, small meatballs, mini-sausages, lye pastries and chocolate muffins are especially popular with children. For the vitamin kick colorful fruit and vegetable skewers are the hit on every carnival party.

Anyone who has decided to celebrate a particular motto at the carnival can also arrange the buffet accordingly: For the fairy tale forest party you conjure a poisonous-green witch’s porridge from jello. From different types of fruit, you can present a colorful rainbow to your little guests.

The fairy tale forest theme but also small toadstools from eggs and tomatoes fit very well. With mayonnaise, little white dots are spotted on the tomato cap.

Celebrating Carnival: Funny Games for Kids

Fancy costumes alone are not enough for a colorful carnival party. For the carnival celebrations to be successful, funny games have to be made that are fun for the little ones. Luckily, a lot of preparation is not needed for these children’s games: most of the utensils are in their household anyway.

  • Costume rally: In this carnival game, two teams compete against each other. On a table are several pieces of clothing such as a skirt, a big t-shirt from dad, a pair of gloves and a hat in duplicate ready. After the kick-off, two children dress and run, crawl or hop along a staked trail. Then the clothes are taken off and handed over to another child. The team that won the relay race first and put the clothes back on the table won.
  • Journey to Jerusalem: Every child knows this favorite classic game and can be played in a special carnival version. Instead of the chairs that are placed in a circle, for example, various headgear such as hats, cappies and hats can be placed on a table. Important: There must be a part less laid down than children play. When the music stops, each child grabs a hat and puts it on. The child who has not got a cap is eliminated. The teammate has won the last headgear. Instead of hats but also clown noses, balloons or sweets can be used.
  • My right, right place is free: Also this game can be played very well in a carnival variation. The children then do not name their wish neighbors by name, but say: “My right, right place is free, I wish for the princess (or the dinosaur).”
  • Treasure hunt: The favorite game of many children is undoubtedly the highlight at the carnival celebrations. Especially useful is an exciting scavenger hunt as a treasure hunt with many puzzling clues in certain themed parties with knights, pirates, princesses and fairy-tale creatures integrate. A treasure map with individual stations can be prepared for this, so that a plush frog can be kissed, for example, at the “Princess Station” or a question about a well-known fairytale must be answered at the “Fairy Tale Station.” If this hurdle is mastered successfully, the treasure hunt continues to the next task until the treasure is found.
  • The test of courage: This game is for the most daring. The children should feel objects that they can not see while a scary story is told to each item. For this a basket or a box is needed, a black cloth to lay over and the “scary things.” For example, peeled grapes as witch eyes, rice grains as maggots, jello as mucus of Marmen males or a shriveled carrot as a witch’s nose are delicious. So then can be told of the horror party, on which the old witch with the Schrumpelnase has lost her glowing red eyes while the children eyes (grapes) and nose (carrot) can feel.


  • Fancy costumes for girls and boys
  • Make-up faces are not that difficult with the right instructions
  • A party motto helps with the planning
  • Themes for carnival celebrations: fairytale forest, circus and medieval
  • Decoration and buffet can be selected according to the arguments
  • Funny carnival games may not be missing at any party

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