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How to care for hydrangeas?

The hydrangea is a very striking plant to decorate because of its large and beautiful flowers that grow during the spring. When not adapting to other seasons of the year, these flowers are only maintained during this time. During the rest of the year, the hydrangea must be cared for and treated to prepare it for the next flowering. If you want to know how to dry hydrangeas and enjoy their beauty, read the following article.

Steps to follow:

1. The hydrangea is a plant that needs light, so during the spring because we enjoy a lot of light without burning the sun, it is necessary that the pot is located in contact with it, so that it takes advantage of the solar energy so favorable for your growth.
2. Try that during the night, when the daylight hours are up, the hydrangea is in a cool place. They cannot be constantly subjected to high temperatures.
3. To keep them always fresh, it is advisable, during the hottest season, to water the hydrangeas every day. Do not abuse the water to keep it from rotting, but try to keep the earth always moist.
4. It is very advisable that you are always aware of the pot and that you remove all the weeds that grow around it. This reduces strength and energy to the growth of the plant. Also, try to prune it regularly and make the growth focus on about three stems. In this way, it will accumulate in them all the strength and energy and grow strong. Do not forget that to carry out pruning safely it is advisable to use special gloves and always work with the tools in good condition.
5. Before the lowest temperatures and possible frosts arrive, move your hydrangea to an indoor area. It is very sensitive to extreme cold and, therefore, can die. Avoid it so that in the springtime it will grow again and show off flowers.
6. Try that in the inner zone in which you place your pot of hydrangeas in the cold seasons, receive some sunlight indirectly. This will help her maintain her energy and life and keep herself better during these hard months for her.

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