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How to Avoid Leaks When Using a Menstrual Cup?

Every woman’s priority during menstruation is to avoid leaks. Having leaks when you are at school or work is embarrassing, and nobody wants to experience that. To avoid such situations, women often use menstrual cups, such as the one in These cups are more convenient to use. This product is up-and-coming as it helps protect you against leaks until 12 hours a day or more, depending on your flow.

However, despite the excellent reviews on menstrual cups, there are still a lot of women who are afraid of having leaks when using such products. To help you gain your confidence during your menstruation while using a cup, I provided a list of different reasons for having it and how to avoid leaks from happening.

Your Menstrual Cups don’t open correctly

Inserting a menstrual cup is the most crucial task when you want to avoid leaks. You’ll know that a cup works efficiently if it will pop open upon inserting it inside your vagina.

To make sure that your cup will pop open, hold your round your finger to the seal of the menstrual cup and make sure there is no small crease that may allow the cup to fold inside your vagina. Then wrap your cup and form it to letter C. Lastly, make sure to put your cup deep but not deep enough to cause pain or discomfort to ensure that you’re leak-free for the whole day.

When properly placed, a menstrual cup can catch blood more efficiently and safely. Proper placement of your cup will also help hold the menstrual blood for extended periods, even if you’re constantly moving or walking.

You Do Not Empty Your Cup When It Is Already Full

For women who have strong menstrual flows, a cup can get full in less than 12 hours. So you have to make sure that you check it at least every 2-3 hours. There are a lot of menstrual cup manufacturers that say that their cup can hold your blood up to 12 hours despite without considering women who have heavy flows. To make sure that you are safe from leaks, make it a habit to empty your cup every after six hours or at least during your break at work or school. 

Your cup isn’t in the right position

Are you wondering why you’re experiencing leaks even though you have a normal menstrual flow? If you’re sure that your cup isn’t broken, it might have something to do with your cervix. The estrogen levels of women often drop when having menstruation. A drop in estrogen levels can cause the uterus to move in a different position.

When the position of your cervix changes, the cup may also move a little bit, causing your cup to move out of position, therefore causing leaks. If you feel that there’s something wrong, make sure to make the necessary adjustments to your menstrual cup.

Bowel Movement Can Cause Leaks

Bowel movements can also become a possible reason why leaks can happen, despite using a menstrual cup. Be careful when you poop, especially when you are constipated because the more that you try to push, the more that the cup will move downward as well.

Forceful bowel movements can be excruciating and can cause the cup to move away from the correct position. If that happens, blood can leak out your cup. This is especially true for women who have strong flows. A small adjustment in the position of the cup in the vagina can provide an opening where a lot of blood can pass through.

After defecating, try checking your cup if it’s still in the right position. Try to make the correct adjustments if you feel some discomfort with your menstrual cup after you poop.

Essential Tips To Remember To Avoid Leaks

  1. Do your research before buying your menstrual cup. Know the height of your cervix so that it is easier for you to choose the size of your cup, and it will be easier for you to place it inside your private area.
  2. Practice different types of menstrual cup fold such as the C fold and more. It will help you know which fold works the best for you. Remember that if you appropriately fold your cup, the risk of leaks happening becomes low.
  3. Make sure it pops open inside after you put it in your vagina.
  4. Follow the steps on how to install a menstrual cup, which is usually provided by the manufacturer’s website. For Daisy Cup, you may see more tips on how to use their cup at their website:


A menstrual cup is a device that should help every woman to have a better experience during their period. Menstrual cups are convenient, safe to use, time- saving, and comfortable to wear. Factors such as an ill-fitting menstrual cup, bowel movements, and displaced cups can contribute to a leak from happening. Keep in mind that as long as you are doing the right steps in installing your cup, you’re sure to be leak-free all day long.

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