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Homeopathy Medicine for Travel Sickness

The benefits of homeopathy while traveling are obvious to me: globules are light, small, without side effects and practical. From altitude sickness, though upset stomach and diarrhea, headache or overexertion: with the globules a wide range of treatment can be covered without taking another suitcase extra for medication. Also, they are versatile and subject to no age restrictions. From the child to the old man, man or woman, pregnant or not – they apply to all, with some knowledge even as a do-it-yourself method.

One thing should be noted: I am not a doctor, I am a passionate traveler – often and regularly on the road, even in remote areas. Homeopathy or conventional medicine? – It is entirely your responsibility! If possible, I prefer homeopathy for myself before I use conventional medicine. The possibility to switch to Plan B (conventional medicine) is always open to me and in some cases, it is immediately appropriate. But that’s my opinion.

I am a fan of homeopathy while traveling.

Nevertheless, my first-aid kit is always a combination of orthodox medicine and homeopathic preparations. Of course, I did not put them together randomly but asked my doctor for confidence.

My homeopathic first-aid kit includes:

  • Bryonia C6 (joint pain, bronchitis)
  • Nux vomica C30 (cold, stomach upset, overexertion)
  • Rhus Tox. C30 (movement, muscle aches, sciatica, backache, trigger: wind, wet, weather)
  • Merc. Sol. C30 (purulent angina, oral mucosal inflammation)
  • Cal. Bichr. C30 (a cough, bronchitis, runny nose)
  • Arnica C30 / C200 (injuries, bruises, sprains, triggers: overexertion)
  • Cantharis C30 (remedy for burns, sunburn with redness & burning)
  • Belladonna C30 (fever, acute inflammation, mild sunburn (with redness))
  • Eupatorium C6 (flu, chest flu, everything hurts)
  • Apis C30 (consequences of stitches, also sun)
  • Acid carbon C30 (extreme situations, extreme diarrhea / allergies / burns / weakness / circulatory insufficiency / pricks)
  • Hypericum C200 (nerve injuries, e.,g. concussion)
  • Ars album C200 (fever, food poisoning – vomiting + diarrhea, sunburn with severe burns)
  • Coca C3 / C6 / C30 (height incompatibility or habituation to altitude, altitude sickness)

Also, I have a remedy for diarrhea, a pain and fever remedy, a broad spectrum antibiotic, malaria prophylaxis/standby tablets, a disinfectant spray, and a tiny tube of ointment. Who wants to count sun cream, contraceptive and international vaccination certificate for the first aid kit – these ingredients are of course there.

Does it sound like a lot of weight and space? But it is not like that.

Homeopathic remedies are tiny globules/globules. A monthly ration is no bigger than an earplug and super light. I do not even think about trekking & hiking, where I always value a minimum weight in my luggage, whether they come with me or not. This is not always the case with the other preparations.

Without a first-aid kit, I would not dare to travel. Especially not if I go alone in remote areas and the health system in the country is sparse. For me, it is a must to cover at least a minimal “worst-case scenario” just for the emergency.

So far I have been incredibly lucky and I have been spared from severe or prolonged illnesses/injuries while traveling.

Maybe through these two tips that I give you now:

  • Washing your hands with soap – often, but especially before eating.
    If there is no water, I usually carry a small tube of hand sanitizer.
  • A lot of drinking – 2-3 liters a day, if you make a move / stay in high altitude / it is hot even more!

If you want to know more about general first aid kits, you can take a look at the first aid kit checklist of the Austrian health portal.

 Ps The right packing of the first aid kit is important!

I speak from experience. If you do not want to find medication chaos after a few weeks on the road, it’s best to do so:

  • Homeopathic remedies are best taken in small screw-on vials. Or if the small storage containers are closed only with pressure, in any case, secure with tape !!!
  • Reduce all conventional medical preparations to the bare minimum and remove them from the packaging. The back of all tablet packages with tape covering a Gummiringerl summarize and add the package insert.
  • Put both in a bag or in a small toilet bag.

Happy traveling & stay healthy!

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