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Home remedies for back pain after delivery

For relaxed breastfeeding and carrying moments – Many mothers are increasingly struggling with back pain in the first few months with their baby. The reasons for this are diverse. They range from the wrong carrying technique to troublesome carrying equipment to unfavorable sitting and lying positions when breastfeeding.

Low back pain – as a result of pregnancy and childbirth

The loosening of the connective tissue, as well as the unfamiliar weight load during the last phase of the pregnancy, can still cause back pain after birth. This type of a backache usually disappears during the first few weeks of regression.

Also, the increased weight of the breasts due to breast milk sometimes leads to back pain. Properly fitting nursing bras, such as these models, can compensate for the unfamiliar weight and thus prevent back pain. Yoga exercises, as well as physiotherapeutic massages, also reduce tension.

Even back training can, if time permits with the small family member, be very helpful. Postpartum exercises that moms perform with their babies are an effective and advisable way to relieve pain and prevent pain.

Also, it helps to pay attention to back-friendly movements and everyday behaviors every day. Young mommies should also be active in pain and move normally, as long as the doctor does not mind.

Pain-causing malpositions can be prevented when carrying by lifting heavy objects not with a bent back but from the squat upwards. Likewise, an even distribution of weight is important. Since the connective tissue before and after birth is very loose, strenuous wear should be avoided as far as possible.

Hollow cross and baby sling as cause

If the baby carrier or sling is not tied properly, they also lead to pain in the back during prolonged wear. This is often the case when the pregnant mum or the carrying dad tends to hollow back.
A professional carrying advice that many midwives offer can be preventative. You should also choose a suitable model for you.

Individual circumstances as a cause of pain

Since humans are among the baby carriers and need the close physical contact for their healthy development, the carrying of the baby can hardly be avoided. Again and again, it is disputed which side is best suited for wearing. Or maybe wearing the front of the stomach is the gentlest method? No! There is no better or worse position because every back has a different structure, and that’s exactly what matters. To keep back strain as low as possible, experienced midwives and orthopedists recommend:

  • a constant change of wearing positions, so that different muscle groups are stressed or relieved
  • Carrying the baby close to the body to feel the weightless

The wearing of an older baby (about the 6th month of life ) on the side of the iliac crest, however, is not harmful to previous opinions, provided that the physique and the spine condition painlessly allow this. This type of support promotes the Spreizhaltungand thus the healthy development of the hip of the child. However, care should be taken with this style of wear on a variety of pages to avoid a bad load. Good support is obtained with this method of wearing a so-called ringing. If wearing is associated with too much pain, affected mothers should seek medical and everyday help.

Back-friendly breastfeeding positions

Also for breastfeeding: pay attention to back-friendly positions. Midwives can provide comprehensive tips and advice. Nursing pillows help prevent back pain. If the nursing pillow is placed in a horseshoe shape around the breastfeeding mum while sitting, a baby will find space and support on it comfortably – without a minute-long, tense hold in the arm.

For breastfeeding lying down, the nursing pillow can be positioned like an inverted ‘L.’ This position supports the maternal neck and facilitates the baby’s contact with the breast due to the higher lying position. Changing breastfeeding positions also relieves the breasts as well as the back.

By the way, even before birth, the nursing pillow can provide back relaxation. Placed between the legs while sleeping on the side, it relieves the back pleasantly. A selection of beautiful nursing pillows can be found here.


pay attention to back-friendly movements and everyday behaviors
Physiotherapy and yoga exercises for a relaxing and back-strengthening effect
frequent changes in wearing and breastfeeding positions recommended by doctors and midwives
Nursing pillows before birth as well as for a back-relieving and gentle breastfeeding advisable



  • An acupuncture treatment can be very beneficial for back pain, or a so-called “hot role” which is often done by physiotherapists helps very well. Osteopathic treatments are also highly recommended during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Especially if the baby is worn from the beginning, it is effective training for the back muscles by the rising weight of the baby, if the baby is well integrated into the carrying aid or the baby sling.

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