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History of Sex Dolls!

We always wonder about some things, how they got invented and entered our life. Who made them? What’s their history? A similar question arises for sex dolls in everybody’s mind. As much as the popularity and use of sex dolls are increasing, the question is making a place in the sex toys market. So, here we are going to uncover the hidden history of sex dolls!

The story of sex dolls is not a boring thing like most of the historical lessons. Instead, it’s full of different factors, people, and scientific research. This is that story that includes Nazis, Japanese, and sailors. Money has got an amazing role to play in the story as well. It might sound like a film but it’s not.

What was the need?

Humans have been insanely obsessed with sex since ages of course! People are either thinking about it all day or some of the lucky ones are doing it instead. Some hide it like a dirty secret and some spend their day fantasizing about it. Basically, our lives sometimes revolve around the thought of having it or trying to have it. But, the harsh reality for some people comes true when there’s not always a partner available to have fun. As some people said in the past ‘necessity’ invented everything in the world. The sentence seems to fit pretty well for sex dolls. It was the necessity of a partner that made the thought of sex toys or sex dolls come true.

8 AD- When it all begun!

Sex dolls came true from the stories that were told. In the place called metamorphosis, the Roman poet Ovid came up with a myth that involved a woman sculpted with ivory by a sculpture known as “Pygmalion”. It is believed that the statue that Pygmalion made was so beautiful that he got obsessed with it. He used to bathe with her, feed her, and even sleep with her! This was one story of a sculpture falling in love with his own creation because it was too good. Observing this undying and desperate obsession of Pygmalion, Aphrodite- the Greek goddess of love and pleasure turned the sculpted ivory into a real woman. Pygmalion gave it (or her) the name Galatea. This story is known to be the porn version of the famous Disney movie Pinocchio.

11th to 12th century: The continuation of sculpted women!

The story took a leap, yet in a fascinating way in the 11th and 12th centuries. Now, the sculpted women were pretty famous and they were considered lucky. They were generally made of marbles and were known as “Sheels-na-gigs” at that time. Ever thought of sex toys to be placed in the churches in history? Well, it did! These marble structures were placed in the English and Irish churches as a way to keep the evil spirits away. The marble carvings showed exaggerated ( too much) vulvas. Surprisingly, a legend once said that caressing these vulvas and sculpted marble ivories gave the power to heal others. If we consider sex dolls today, it does give the power to heal sexually right?

15th century- When the sculpted ivories turned to sex dolls finally!

The first sex dolls were located at seas! Yes, you read it right. Then known as “Dame De Voyage”, or “Dama De Vinje”, or the funnies “Seemannsbraut” in different languages of French, Spanish, and German are now known as sex dolls. But, how did they reach the seas? Actually, the sailors in the 15th century had long trips at sea and needed something to pass their team and satisfy their sexual desires as well. Hence, they carried sex dolls with them whenever they boarded a ship. These dolls were made from sewn cloth.

1941- Welcome to sex dolls in the modern world!

The most surprising fact about the sex dolls is that they were actually made for a noble cause! They were made to save soldiers from the loss of STDs. This happened because the soldiers felt lonely and had unprotected sex with each other. Hence, the first sex dolls in the actual world were made from the order of the SS leader- Heinrich Himmler in 1941 who wanted to save his soldiers from dying. This project was named “Geheime Reichssache” which when translated means “More secret than top secret”.

The project was handled by a sculptor named Arthur Rink who made 3 dolls. One (type A) with 168 cm bust, second (type B) with 176 cm bust, and third (type C) with 182 cm bust. The description for the dolls was precisely described and approved by the soldiers who wanted the face to be a naughty and chubby look with the breasts being round. They also kept the hips to be of a rose form so as to give a good grip. If you want to learn more about the history, click here: https://www.kanadoll.com/history-of-sex-dolls/

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