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Having a winter baby checklist

So your sunshine comes through the cold season – The first winter with a baby raises many questions for mothers: What baby equipment does the child need? Which weather protection for his skin is optimal? How should the stroller be equipped so that the baby is optimally protected from the cold?

Baby equipment in winter – the onion look is best

In the cold, babies lose a lot of body heat in a short time; a particularly sensitive place is the head. Too much clothing is not comfortable for the child. Most babies probably do not suffer from cold in winter, but rather from overheating. The best way to properly dress a baby in winter is onion look.

Thus, several layers of clothing are put on each other. As a rule of thumb, the child may wear one layer of clothing more than the mother. Whether the baby freezes, sweats or feels temperature-wise, is best controlled on the neck of the child.

It is always important that the clothing is made of breathable materials, so that heat and sweat do not accumulate on the body. The baby wears a body directly on the skin. On top come a baby pantyhose, a romper or sweater, and trousers. Also, thick socks are of course on trips to the outdoors; also, baby shoes can provide for supple, warm feet.

A snowsuit forms the outer garment cover – if necessary, it can be taken off the child quickly. Baby hats and gloves complete baby’s winter look.

Baby carriage or baby carrier?

Also, the stroller must get suitable equipment in the cold season. Thick blankets are not an optimal solution here – in extreme cases, they can even result in suffocation for the baby. Better is a warm footmuff, in which the baby is well protected against the cold and also can move well.

For example, down winter sacks are very suitable. Also, the winter bags are flexible – even in a sled, buggy or in the infant carrier, they reliably protect the baby from the cold, wind and weather. 

Slings or baby carriers are also an ideal option for transporting the baby when cold. His face should point to their body so that it is not hit directly by the wind. A warm hat is especially important here, of course, the mother can also pull her jacket over the baby. There is also special weather protection for baby carriers.

Weather cream for the baby’s face

On the baby’s face and other unprotected skin is a unique weather cream. Even in winter, it must be provided with a UV protection, as, for example, snow reflects the sun’s rays and the delicate skin of the baby can harm.


  • Babies enjoy a walk in the fresh air even in the cold season. For good baby equipment in winter is important
  • The baby’s clothes are best made from an onion look. It is entirely insulated against the cold using several pieces of clothing, and any excess clothing can be quickly removed if necessary
  • A warm footmuff and a good insulated against cold stroller provide optimal weather protection. Also, slings or baby carriers are ideal for winter walks
  • In winter, the baby’s face outdoors needs a weathered cream, which also needs to contain UV protection

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