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Having a Baby Before Marriage

Marriage with own small children – what until a few generations was still regarded as immoral, shows itself today in the life of many couples as usual. Every third marriage, at least one common child attends their parents’ wedding. In 1990, this share was under 15 percent due to the legal provisions in Germany at the time. But how can a lavish wedding ball night be combined with baby or toddlers?

Already at the wedding application with a baby plan

What could be better than looking lovingly at one’s baby? For some spouses, the moment counted when they saw on the baby bodysuit the imprint “Do you want to marry my dad?” or “Do you want to marry my mom?”. Those who have not yet found the perfect marriage proposal, this idea may help.

This is to be considered at a wedding with a child

As soon as your baby or several children are present at their wedding, the already long wedding checklist is extended by a few points. For example, breastfeeding brides should opt for a bridal gown model in which breastfeeding or pumping is easily possible.

This is the case, for example, with strapless dresses with side zips. There should also be a room for the bride and baby to retreat accordingly. Although breastfeeding in the family setting is not a problem for some moms, older babies are often too curious about their surroundings to concentrate on breastfeeding.

Also, it is nice if you also consider your child / s when ordering flowers. A small flower pin for the mini-suite or dress also looks very elegant on the later wedding photos. Since you as a bride and groom do not always have time for your offspring, it is important to consider at an early stage who will take over the babysitting job at the wedding. It makes sense to choose several helpers who have looked after your child (s) more often.

Exciting things for the pastime (toys, Bobby Cars & Co.) should be available for smaller, larger and adult children. An emergency bag with change things as well as the burp cloth to the protection of the suit and the Brautkleids likewise. Bedtime is also to be considered.

However, this is not so easy to plan because the sleeping habits of babies and toddlers can change over and over again. Also, it is recommended to make the food according to the tastes of the little ones or to have enough glasses and kid-friendly, culinary alternatives ready.

Tip: When decorating the wedding cake, the wedding figures can also be displayed with your children.

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