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Halloween Activities for Kids

Pumpkin heads are a Halloween tradition – Halloween is the hustle and bustle: children are dressed in the evening before All Saints Day, October 31, dressed from house to house. Next to that is the day for a Halloween party, when the apartment is decorated to match the spooky costumes.

Halloween Motto: Trick or Treat!

The “Trick or Treat” comes from the USA. Children disguise themselves as ghosts, vampires, ghosts, witches, bats, and other formidable creatures, moving through the neighborhood. They knock on the front doors and greet the residents with the words “trick or treating” to get sweets.

Younger children should accompany you this evening in any case – you are welcome to move some distance from them.

The background: Maybe not all the neighbors understand the good-humored toddlers, or the child may get scared in the dark, and especially in the face of the scary looking characters walking through the neighborhood that night.


You can buy suitable dresses or make them yourself with few resources. In many cases, black clothes like shirt, trousers, socks and shoes will suffice. To do this, you need to stuff four stockings with newspaper and fasten them with safety pins on the side of the shirt, creating spider legs in an instant.

If you now attach eight eye-painted buttons to the front of a black cap, the scary insect is already finished.

A bat costume is created with the same clothing and black fabric. Cut out around the opening for the neckline in the fabric and laterally fringed wings. Now your child can slip in, on the arms, the fabric can be attached with safety pins.

It looks best if this is done below the arms so that the safety pins keep the fabric hidden, then nothing slips.

For a witch costume, you need older, slightly more clothes, into which you can cut holes and fringes witchy and decorate them with scraps of fabric, tulle and felt. Your child will receive a magic wand – a small painted branch collected in the forest – and maybe a pointed witch’s hat that you can easily make from flexible cardboard and felt.

If your child wants to frighten the neighbors as a skeleton, paint the black clothes accordingly with white fabric color. As with the other costumes, some make-up on the face completes the look.

From black clothes arise creepy costumes like

  • spider
  • bat
  • witch
  • skeleton

Decoration for Halloween

Pumpkin heads are a tradition on Halloween. Choose a pumpkin of appropriate size and use a sharp knife to cut off the top so you can hollow out the inside. A knife and a sturdy spoon or ice cream scoop are suitable for this. Make sure that the remaining edge is not too thin, about two centimeters should be stable enough.

Then draw in a face, that is, eyes, nose, and mouth, the shapes of which are carefully cut out with a sharp knife. Ignite a tealight inside; your pumpkin head even lights up. The pulp can be further processed into delicious pumpkin soup.

Also, you can quickly create further decorations for a theme party on Halloween. With dark, painted or unpainted cloths on walls and furniture you transform the room into a ghostly cave. How about spooky mummy heads or little ghosts in it?

From an empty mason jar, gauze bandages, some newspaper and wiggle eyes from the craft shop or small round cardboard discs designed as dark eyelets, a mummy’s head is created, which you can fill with sweets or light up with a tealight.

Make a nose out of the paper and stick it on the glass at about mid-height. Then wrap the gauze with gauze bandages on it, then apply your eyes.

Ghosts are made of white cloth, aluminum foil and paper cups. From the aluminum foil, you form a ball as a head and for the arms a small snake-like structure. Then use thread or glue to attach both to the top of the cup. Then lay the fabric over it, paint the ghost eyes and make small wrinkles with the help of safety pins or yarn.

Decorating ideas:

  • pumpkin heads
  • Impose room with towels
  • mummy heads
  • ghosts

Create a scary menu

Are costumes and decoration ready, in which children are of course happy to help and bring their ideas, are missing only the tastings for the party? How about bats, bloody octopus soup, vegetable or chocolate ghosts?

For example, blood orange juice is suitable as a drink. With a few moves, children can help, depend on their age, or advise you on the ghostly faces that are made with chocolate kisses and vegetables.

From puff pastry, you can cut bats and sprinkle with powdered sugar after baking, for the eyes use small pieces of chocolate.

Tomato soup in small soup bowls forms the basis for creepy octopi, whose head and tentacles are also made of puff pastry and baked, for the eyes are olive slices. Lay the arms over the shell with the ends protruding laterally and then the head on top.

Red peppers can free you from the seeds and cut out with a sharp knife eye, nose and vampire teeth. If you fill the resulting holes with cream cheese, a small army of vegetable spirits is quickly created.

From wafers, you can cut your eyes, nose and mouth. Carefully attach them to chocolate kisses with thick cake sprinkling to create cute little monsters.

Scary food:

  • Puff bats
  • Kraken in bloody tomato soup
  • vegetable spirits
  • Chocolate Kiss Monster


  • scary disguises
  • move from house to house
  • Get sweets or play a joke
  • Party at home in matching decoration
  • terrible tastings

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