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Guide to Different Types of Bar Stools

Bar Stools have emerged as a stunning furniture trend in the UK. These days, you can easily find a couple or more stools in every house. And why not? These stools fulfill several needs of the people. They serve as alternative seating options. These are small pieces of decor that take only some space. Also, they are lightweight and can be moved around pretty easily. For instance, you can place them in your living room, dining room, backyard and even bedroom. In other words, you can get them anywhere you need. So, these have suddenly become essential furniture pieces in the house. However, which type of bar stools are the best? We’re here to answer this! Here is a quick guide to different types of bar stools. In the end, you will figure out the stools you should buy for your house!

Bar stool

Leather Bar Stools

The most commonly used bar stools are the leather bar stools. These are the ones that have faux leather seats. These are the most comfortable stools and are popular due to their comfortability. No matter what the designs and styles are, a faux leather seat is often a priority. 

Wooden Bar Stools

With high durability, wooden bar stools are one of the most preferred bar stools. Made of wood, these stools are powerful and last longer than others. Wood is not the only material used in their construction. At times, another material such as high gloss is used in the finish. 

Gas Lift Bar Stools

Gas lift bar stools are the best when it comes to adjusting the height of the stools. They save you from the hassle of choosing the right size and height since you can adjust the height as per your requirement. There is a gas lift mechanism installed in these schools and this mechanism allows you to reduce or increase the height of the stool. 

Bistro Style Bar Stools

Bistro style stools are often preferred because they are gorgeous and stylish. These are the modern stools often found in the bars. They are comfortable for sitting for a long time. The seats are often made of wood with an addition of iron border. 

Backless Bar Stools

As the name suggests, backless bar stools are the ones with no back. You may think these are uncomfortable, but they aren’t. In fact, they provide a better sitting posture. You can comfortably sit for as long as you want. 

Stationary Bar Stools

Stationary bar stools are usually found in the offices. They often don’t have backs, but they do have footrests. These are also comfortable stools where you can sit for a long time without getting tired. You may also find such stools in the hospitals and clinics etc. They are becoming popular in the houses as well. 

So, these were different types of bar stools in 2020. Which one did you like the most? At Furniture in Fashion, you can buy any of these bar stools at affordable prices. 

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