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How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally Permanently?

In many occasions, the care of the house can be more complicated than we expected at first. One of the clearest examples is insect pests that can appear inside our home. There are several types of pests, but one of the most common are ants.

If you live in a house with a garden or a low floor, it is very likely that you will be affected at certain times of the year, especially in the hottest months. It’s not nice to open the pantry and find a row of ants between your food. And although sometimes it can seem complicated to get rid of them, there are several remedies that you can use to make them disappear without having to go to a specialist or a pesticide that contains certain components whose use is not very healthy for you or your family. Therefore, in a COMO we explain how to make homemade insecticides to eliminate ants.

Vinegar as a homemade insecticide to eliminate ants

As for many other types of pests, such as lice, vinegar is a natural and effective remedy to make ants do not want to go near your house. Vinegar is a repellent and insecticide very easy to prepare and it will cost you practically nothing.

First, get yourself a 500 ml spray. You will find it for very little in any store. Then fill it with 250 ml of water and another 250 ml of vinegar (better than white vinegar ). Make the mixture homogeneous, and when you finish, you can use it to eliminate the ants, using it directly against them.

This method can not only be used when the plague has already entered your home, but you can also use it in a preventive way, to prevent them from entering your home. We recommend that you use it to finish the cleaning of surfaces and floors, especially in those rooms like the kitchen where the presence of food stands out. You will drive away ants and other insects and, also, if you use white vinegar, you will not notice any unpleasant odors and disinfect the house.

Boric acid against ants

This compound does not contain any kind of artificial compound; it is natural and it is an excellent remedy to end the ant plagues since it works as a poison for them when they ingest them it automatically causes death. We recommend placing small piles or lines in areas of passage that often use ants, such as windows or doors to prevent them from coming into your Vivienda. Existe possibility of poisoning in humans and other animals, therefore we recommend Do not use it near food or, if you have children and pets, do not use it near the rooms or play area, since it can not be consumed or for a while make sure you do not have access to the areas where you put boric acid to kill the ants.

If, despite using boric acid the plague continues, our advice is to look for the anthill where those ants come from. When you have found it, mix a spoonful of boric acid with a spoonful of white sugar in about 200 ml of water. When both compounds are well dissolved, take a rag and moisten it with it. Then place it near the anthill. The ants will approach by the smell of sugar and will ingest the mixture. Keep in mind that boric acid works very well against ants, but it is not useful against most insects.

Dishwasher or dishwasher

It may seem a little surprising because of the simplicity of the remedy, but the soap you normally use to wash the dishes can also help you get rid of that pesky ant’s plague. You just have to get a 500 ml sprayer and mix 200 ml of the dishwasher that you use routinely at home with 300 ml of water. When it is already homogenized, spray the dishwasher soap mixture and water on top of the row of ants. It will not take long to eliminate them. Also, this remedy is also effective with other types of insects.

When you see that they are dying and others are leaving the place, you can clean thoroughly and after a few hours if you see that they return to repeat the procedure, and even detect where they come from and use it directly in their area, in this way they will eventually leave. Your house.

Anti-lice shampoo, sufficient to eliminate ants

If at home you have some anti-lice shampoo, you can also use it to fight against this plague because it is equally effective as against the posh ones. In the spray mix 150 ml of anti-lice shampoo with 150 ml of water and spray the ants that you are and all the area that you think is affected. You will check its effectiveness almost instantly. When you think you have done enough clean effect thoroughly the entire area.

Make sure that while the product is on the floor, your children and pets do not touch it, because if they ingest it or rub their eyes with the product on their hands or legs, they may suffer irritation among other problems.

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