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Garmin Heart-Rate Monitor Review – It Can Accurately Track Your Record 99.9%

Your heart has a very vital role. For it holds the key to fitness and health. Though, we all know that we can’t track our heart manually. We exercise because we want to have a healthy lifestyle. But we’re not aware of how much progress we are making. Fret no more, Garmin Heart Rate Monitor will do that job. It is a heart rate monitor perfect for all ages and abilities. It monitors how much caloric burns you make during workouts, and it serves as a guide to improve your fitness with heart zone training.

Why it stands out among the rest (Features)

Share your progress across the world wide web

This product has a built-in feature called “Automatic Sync “It automatically transfers your data straight to your computer. With Garmin Connect compatible (for the online community, where you can analyze, categorize and share data findings with other people.)

Swim-proof, hence not waterproof

Remember those times that you accidentally need to wade across the river while doing your daily jogs or it started to pour while you’re exercising outside? Maybe while you’re trekking. Even though this transmit monitor cannot transmit data in water. You rest assured that it wouldn’t damage your device at least. It is known to be swim proof and can withstand up to 30 meters of water pressure.

Specifically designed to fit your training needs

It automatically adapts to your fitness training. Which means, you only need to give simple information such as height, weight, and gender before using the device. It’ll track your record automatically.

Who can use Garmin Heart-Rate Monitor?

Whether you’re old as long as you’re conscious about how much progress you make, you can use this product. It is suitable for all ages and to those who want to record their healthy lifestyle.


It is very easy to use, and it immediately syncs without needing to set or adjust the data. It works perfectly with the  Garmin Forerunner 305 heart rate monitor. And, it can pick up the heart rate accurately helping you to find out if what you’re doing is very effective. Unlike other products that tend to give false information.
Its soft strap feature is more comfortable than the old one. With this strapped heart-rate monitor, you’ll never feel uncomfortable when you’re doing your things. It’s almost like you’re not wearing it.

It is very efficient. It continues to monitor your heart-rate as soon as it has been detected and continue after pressing stop. You’ll be secured that all of your activities had been encoded without a miss.


When it’s fairly cold or fairly dry the monitor experiences incorrect readings. When it’s cold, you’re less likely to have moist skin and sweat right from the start of your work out. Because of that, it is difficult to read accurate data due to lower conductivity.

How to fix: Introducing moisture to the device will do the trick. You can try licking the two sensor pads at the back of the strap. It will jump-start the device until you start sweating.

Why Buy This Product?

This device is worth the money spent. Unlike other products who gave you very promising testimonials leading to false hopes, this one fulfills that void. You rest assured that it is the most accurate heart rate monitor on the market and it’ll never disappoint you.

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