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Garmin Edge 500 review

Garmin, a style that is synonymous with GPS devices, has its heart rate monitor and speed sensor for you to use while cycling. The Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS uses a simple GPS transmitter alongside many other items to help you review your heart rate. You should use this product if you’re trying to get a workout plan going with a cycling regimen, but you don’t want something that probably isn’t personalized for your needs.

A GPS-Based System

The GPS-based computer inside this model is designed to analyze your location and its changes to measure all sorts of things in your workout. These include the distance you are traveling, your speed and even changes in your overall elevation. The changes in your movements are always being checked in real time. There’s even a barometric altimeter that works with the GPS computer to review this data.

Easy to Wear

The heart rate monitor that will attach itself to the Edge 500 will be relatively easy to adjust and wear. In fact, it uses a soft body to keep you comfortable without dealing with the burdensome irritation that often comes with other heart rate monitors. The measurement of beats per minute that comes from this device can help you to adjust your workout as needed.

Several Useful Displays

You can use one of many displays for your measurement needs. These include displays that show your trip data, your heart rate and even one that shows your heart rate fluctuations over the course of your workout. You can use this to measure the effectiveness of different parts of your workout.

Link to a Network

You can link the Edge 500 GPS to a computer through a USB port to analyze your workouts as they are recorded. This will also bring you to the Garmin Connect network, a place that offers full data analysis and sharing solutions.

Who Would Buy This?

The Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS with Cadence Sensor with its speed/cadence sensor and digital heart rate monitor would be primarily preferred by cyclists who want to improve their heart rates. This is also for those who want to exercise on bicycles and want to figure out more about what they’re doing right in their workouts.

Value for Money

This will be worth the purchase when you see how well the GPS technology works to record information on your workouts while the heart rate monitor helps you to quickly identify your workout effort. The Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS should help you to get your workout to feel its best and to give you a better idea of what you want out of it.

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