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First week home with newborn

Honeymoon with your baby: 
“Enjoy the first time with your child; your body has done a great job, give yourself a break and get to know your baby.”

A midwife is a valuable support

A follow-up midwife will help you with all your questions and uncertainties, help with baby care, breastfeeding and control the regression. Regular visits during the first eight weeks and telephone counseling are part of the duties of your midwife. Take care of a midwife during pregnancy, who accompanies you at home.

It’s good to know you’re not alone!

Delegate household activities

To get the 10th Romper is nice, but it makes more sense, you want support for the first time. The neighbor makes the double ration lunch; the proud grandma takes over the laundry, etc.

Take help from the outside!

Do not be bothered – give yourself rest!

Discuss your answering machine, turn off the doorbell and especially your mobile phone. Avoid commitments or encounters of any kind that are too exhausting for you.

Also, visits are often stressful at first. My tip, do it after eight weeks, or when you’re ready, relatives and friends meeting for the birth. Daily visits are exhausting and disturb your cuddle time.

Enjoyment: take care of yourself

Sleep it when your baby is sleeping. Eat healthy and balanced, make beautiful walks and do not forget to nurture your relationship.

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