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What’s in the book that provokes the wrath of Donald Trump- Fire and fury Review

Writer Michael Wolff publishes a highly explosive book on the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency. Widely quoted in the book, the former advisor to the president, Steve Bannon, attacks the president and his entourage frontally.

“Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” which goes out in bookstores this Friday, January 5, plunges into the chaotic world that surrounds the American president. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, which published excerpts Wednesday, the book is “explosive.” The author, Michael Wolff, says he relies on more than two hundred interviews with Trump in person and with members of his close entourage and the presidential administration. He says he took advantage of “semi-permanent access to the sofa in the West Wing of the White House” which houses the Oval Office, where he spent eighteen months observing the new president and his entourage.

One of his main sources is Steve Bannon, Trump’s former campaign manager, and then his strategic advisor, who has returned since his dismissal in August 2017 to head up the ultra-conservative Breitbart News site. Bannon does not spare his old boss. He described the June 2016 meeting between Trump’s son Donald Junior and a Russian lawyer close to the Kremlin as “treason” and “unpatriotic,” which offered him compromising information about Hillary Clinton.

For the former adviser, prosecutor Mueller, who is leading the investigation into the possible collusion of Russia in the presidential campaign, will “burst Donald Junior as an egg on national television.” Faced with this investigation, Trump’s advisors are carelessly “on the beach, trying to stop a Category 5 hurricane.”

The night of his election, when he understands that he has just been elected, Trump is stunned. Melania Trump, she, burst into tears, who are “no joy”

The book also reports the ambitions of Ivanka Trump, who, rather than Hillary Clinton, would be “the first woman president of the United States.” Along with her husband Jared Kushner and economic adviser Gary Cohn, Ivanka was reportedly in open conflict with another group led by Bannon. The deleterious atmosphere that reigns in the White House is also due to Trump himself, who would describe his collaborators as “whiners,” “bootlicks,” or “idiots.”

Ivanka Trump, according to Wolff, would have fun with his friends of the secret of the hairdressing of his father: indicating that he had resorted to an operation of reduction of the scalp, the approximate color of his hair would be due to a product called ‘Just for Men’ that Trump’s impatience prevents from acting completely.

Trump would also enjoy eating hamburgers alone in bed at night when his schedule allows. His taste for Mcdonald hamburgers is also due to his fear of being poisoned: he relies on the fact that “no one knows he is coming to buy them and that the food is prepared well in advance.”

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Trump denounces a fabric of “lies.”

The book also highlights the surprise of Trump and his team in the victory in the presidential election. The same evening, when he understands that he has just been elected, Trump is stunned. Melania Trump, she, burst into tears, who are “no joy.”

The administration is often erratic, sometimes perverse. The publication of the decree banning the entry of US territory to nationals of seven predominantly Muslim countries was deliberately published on a Friday to “drive the Liberals crazy” in the chaos assured to reign at airports the following days.

Donald Trump immediately reacted to the revelations of the book. He stated that Bannon “had very little to do with [his] historical victory,” and that he had “lost his mind” after “losing his job.” Thursday night, in a raging tweet, he also denounced a content “full of lies.” “I allowed Zero access to the White House to the author of this crazy book! I never spoke to him for a book. Full of lies, deformations and sources that do not exist, “writes the US president.

His lawyer has also announced possible legal action against Bannon, while spokeswoman Melania Trump said the book should be “sold in the department destocking fiction.” On Thursday, Donald Trump’s lawyers had also asked, unsuccessfully, for the non-publication of the book, denouncing reports “false/unfounded”.

Fire and Fury, the book that shakes the White House

Michael Wolff, the author of the book on US President Donald Trump’s first year in office, believes he has demonstrated to his readers that the former businessman is unable to serve as president.

Released a day earlier than usual, Michael Wolff’s book entitled Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is already shaking the White House. The first copies sold on Friday in a few minutes. The book presents a “fundamentally incompetent president” surrounded by a team “overwhelmed” by events and “undermined by interpersonal conflict”. According to Michael Wolff, everyone in the White House would have doubts about his intellectual abilities and his mental health.

He further argues that “Donald Trump would repeat himself very often, word for word, without realizing it, and would not even recognize his long-time friends.” The White House has spent the last forty-eight hours denying these allegations. But although denied, the revelations in Fire and Fury put Donald Trump in a rage. Suspecting the existence of “moles”, the White House has taken steps to stop the bleeding.

Employees will no longer be able to use their mobile phone at their workplace. “It gives an idea of the atmosphere of suspicion in Washington. Donald Trump, 71, has several times accused his employees of calling journalists behind him, “say headlines in the US press. Sources say Trump is trying to ban “a crazy book.”

“The king is naked.”

Michael Wolff believes his revelations are likely to force the former real estate mogul to leave the US presidency. “I think one of the exciting aspects of the book at this point is that it has an effect, ” the king is naked, ” he says in an interview broadcast yesterday by the BBC.

The book shows “he can not do his job,” continues Michael Wolff. “Suddenly, people are saying everywhere:” Oh my God, it’s true, he has no clothes! ” It is the context at the origin of the feeling and the idea that will end […] this presidency, “he concludes. Wolff assures, in this regard, that Trump was shocked and caught off guard by his electoral victory. It also reveals that “no one expected it and no preparations had been made for the transition”.

The first official to come to the rescue of Donald Trump is the head of American diplomacy, Rex Tillerson. He stepped up to defend the mental aptitude of the American president. “I have never questioned his mental ability, I have no reason to doubt his mental fitness,” said Rex Tillerson in an interview on CNN broadcast Friday. “He’s not like the presidents of before,” justified the Secretary of State, who had not personally denied personally treating the president of “moron” last summer, although his spokesman did it.

The support of Rex Tillerson

In a burst of morning tweets extolling his intellectual faculties, US President Donald Trump said yesterday, meanwhile, be a “very stable genius.” “Throughout my life, my two strengths have been my mental stability and being kind, very intelligent,” he wrote from the Camp David presidential residence. “I went from a very successful ” businessman ” to a big TV star and president of the United States (on my first try).

I think you can call me not only clever but genius … and a very stable genius too! “He continued. “Now that it has been proved that the collision with Russia is a complete fable and that the only collusion that existed was between Hillary Clinton and the FBI / Russia, the media ” fake news ” and this new phony book are attacking every conceivable front. They should try to win an election.

Sad! “, He also tweeted on Friday, in response to major American newspapers that had taken long passages from Michael Wolff’s book. US media say the criticism of Donald Trump is not entirely new. Fire and Fury, they say, come to swell the indictment that had, in 2015 and 2016, already engaged Hillary Clinton and the Republican opponents of the businessman.

They add that, more recently, Senator John McCain described the septuagenarian as “misinformed” and “impulsive”. Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs President Bob Corker compared the White House to an “adult daycare”. “I know for sure that every day at the White House, the goal is to contain it,” he said last October. ?

Sale Fire and Fury

“Fire and Fury” re-launches debate on Donald Trump’s mental health

Since the release of Fire and Fury on Friday, January 5, an inflammatory book on the backstage of the White House, speculations on mental abilities of Donald Trump have returned to the front of the media scene.

The book by Michael Wolff, a bookstore success in a few hours, describes a president with childish behavior, unable to concentrate or listen to others, who are always repeating himself. The author also claims that he was unable to recognize old friends during a recent visit to his Florida home.

Old interrogations

Defended by the conservative press and his friends, the president saw fit, Saturday, January 6, to make a series of statements, “extraordinary even in the yard of his presidency that defies all standards ” according to the New York Times, to assert that he is sane. ” All my life, my two greatest assets have been my mental stability and my intelligence, ” he wrote on Twitter.

Donald Trump’s mental health questions are not new. During the 2016 presidential campaign, his Democrat and Republican opponents warned of his erratic behavior and what he saw as his inability to occupy the Oval Office.

A sentence that will surely make a lot of talks while some relatives of the president are questioning his ability to govern. 

“Fire and Fury” confirms our worst fears – about the Republicans 

What do you think would be the Republican reaction to the latest revelations about Donald Trump? Did you expect the party that lights will drop your collective head into your hands, or deformed into a heap in despair over the state of the man you the anointed as President of the United States?

She would certainly have had a good reason. In the book fire and the anger, which received on Thursday the largest possible advocacy – namely a “Unterlassungserklärung,” by Trump is the personal lawyers – the journalist Michael Wolff draws a picture of a man, its own closest helper, friends, and even the Believing family is innately unfit to be president.

The Trump portrayed in the book is ignorant: the counselors who were trying to teach him about the constitution could receive no more than the fourth novella glazed in front of Trump’s eyes. He does not read or skim, hardly the patience, that in a headline. Convincing some NATO states Wolff’s Attention Deficit Disorder is part of the Trump völkisch genius: he is “post-literate – total television.”


He is also disgusting: we read that a favorite sport was the trump of tricking friends the women sleep with him. He is weird, especially in the bedroom: after he collided with his secret-service bodyguard about his protestations that he would be able to lock himself in his quarters (Melania has a separate accommodation), he called for the installation of two additional one’s TV sets so he could watch three cable news channels at once. He walks back under the covers as early as 6:30 am, chewing a cheeseburger as he sucks hours from Fox and CNN. If there are crumbs, the maids cannot change the bow: he insists that he take off the bed itself.

We learn that Trump believes Saturday Night Live is detrimental to the nation, and that it is “fake comedy”; Daughter Ivanka wants to become president, herself and privately, who defies her father, who defies nature’s combover. And, perhaps the funniest, we get an answer to the question, has long been angry trump: the identity of the mystery-leaker behind the torrent of White House chaos stories and faction dysfunction that have appeared since he took office. It turns out that the President is pleasing endlessly on the phone to his billionaire friends, who feel no secrecy. In other words, the leaker Trump seeks … himself.

Instead, the official campaign account for Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, tweeted a gif of McConnell grinning powerfully. And the grin captured, the mood that many of his colleagues. What do you have to laugh about? They are pleased to believe that Fire and Anger mark the demise of Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist, and the source from the book’s most famous lines. It was Bannon, Wolff said, that Trump had “lost,” and Bannon said the conference Donald Trump Jr had convened with a Russian lawyer – convened for the express purpose of putting dirt on Hillary Clinton – as “reasonable.”

Trump’s answer came in the form of a long and angry statement that loosely translates into New Yorkese as “You’ve died for me” – the delightful establishment Republicans who long ago saw Bannon as the enemy inside.

It would be nice if this abhorrence were rooted in ideological principle, with which the Republicans despise Bannon, who, as an apostle of ultra-nationalist isolationism and xenophobia, could overturn the US and the world on a style of the 1930s disaster. (Recall that Bannon once promised Wolff Trump administration would be “as thrilling as the 1930s”.)

But the truth is that Bannon was a threat to McConnell and his ilk, swearing insurgents, trumps as the candidates voted against establishing Republicans in first competitions (as he did, in vain, in Alabama last year). If Bannon is broken, you can sleep better as well.

Some go on, believing that when Bannon dies, so does Bannon. They speculate that with the bondage to his unique evil genius severed, Trump could now moderate, to a more conventional, the inmates of the Oval Office focused. That’s crazy, twice.

Sale Fire and Fury

First, it’s true that things look bad for BANNERT right now: he’s apparently lost the financial backing of the billionaire Mercer family, and it’s possible he is about to lose control of his right-wing Breitbart media empire. But he understands Trump and knows that when you’re ready to crawl and flatter, an approach is always possible. Hence Bannon’s statement on Thursday that Trump is a “big man.”

But that’s a lot of consistent self-deception that Trump is ready to moderate. Republicans predicted he would change as soon as the 2016 primaries were in progress. Then she said he would change if he had won the party nomination. Or, if the presidential campaign began adequately. Or if he had won the election. Or once he had taken the oath of office. They were wrong every time. He will not change. Trump is trump.

The sheer persistence of these delusions points to one more: the hope that the Republicans will finally decide enough is enough and doing the right thing by repressing this incompetent president. The Wolff book has another flood of speculation that this time focused on the 25th amendment of the Constitution, which allows for the removal of a president as “not exercising the powers and duties of his office.”

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