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Fever in babies – How to bring down baby fever – Baby fever treatment

Why do babies have a fever so often? In infants, fever can occur relatively quickly. Since the temperature control, which is a complex system, is not yet fully developed, they respond to many stimuli with elevated temperature or fever. This can include thirst, a hot blanket or a warm sunny day.On the other hand, they can not have a fever with infections.

When does one speak of fever?

Your baby has a fever – that’s something to keep in mind. Babies have a slightly higher body temperature than older children and adults. This is between 36.5 and 37.5 degrees Celsius. In the morning, the temperature is lower for all people and higher in the evening. In babies, one speaks of elevated temperature38 and from fever at over 38.5 degrees.

The right measuring method

The best and most accurate method of measurement is in the butt, for the children but not so pleasant, with larger one can in the mouthMeasure, and a quick value you get over the ear thermometer.

Is fever dangerous and when should I go to the doctor?

Fever is a mechanism of the body to better combat infections. That’s why fever is not bad either and should not be fought right away.

If you have a fever over 38.5, you should see the doctor so he can examine your child and find the cause of the fever.

If you have a fever, cuddling and drinking are important!

Your child could be weepy, need a lot of teeth, maybe more irritable and restless, and need you more now. Look, how it works to feel good, give him the closeness and attention. In any case, it needs a lot of fluids, peace, and security.

What remedies help to reduce the fever?

  • If you have more fever, you can use calf wrap after consulting your doctor.
  • Homeopathic can help Ferrum phosphoricum or Belladonna. But you should discuss this with the doctor. Because the homeopathic remedies decide on the symptoms.
  • Only very high fever can be dangerous and may need to be lowered with medication, but please handle it carefully and do not administer it alone!

But please always remember:

Infections and fever are important for the child’s organism to build an immune system and should not be fought randomly. Even antibiotics should only be used if it is really dangerous.

“Fever – the spooky ghost.”

That parent is uncomfortable and suffers the same way when their children are sick is completely gone understandably. Fever is always a gigantic haunting ghost. Fever often has a bad reputation, but fever is a highly effective defense reaction of your child’s body.

Why fever is not so bad

By raising body temperature, bacteria and viruses are beginning their campaign because the desert climate does not like it. They die. However, this requires that you also let your child feverishly and not immediately lower the fever by a suppository. As long as your child drinks well (many people do not eat much if they have a fever) and the general condition is appropriate to the circumstances, it may have a fever. Even if it approaches the 40-degree mark. TIP: so you can tell if the climax has already been reached: If the baby’s hands and feet are cold, the fever is still rising, they are warm, the climax is reached and the sinking begins.

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