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Factors to Consider in Choosing a Lifetime Partner

Despite the child: Do not give up hope – looking for a partner and a single parent: Those affected are more difficult than other singles to make new contacts. If it succeeds, concerns often arise. Will the other person also accept the child? But first of all, there must be an opportunity to meet somebody. 

Dating and single parenting – the hurdles

Day by day, it’s all about the child and the livelihood. In quiet moments there is a longing for a shoulder to lean against rain: How sweet would it be to spend some hours in intimate togetherness with a partner? But where to take it from?

Single parents often have a tight schedule. The day begins and ends with caring for the child. Also, the household is to lead; possibly you also go to a job. Apart from the fact that in the evening usually lack the energy to go out, would have to be organized for younger children even care.

If fate is good with you and you get to know a potential partner despite the circumstances, you are faced with the next problem: you must explain to him sooner or later that you have a child and that you only have total package gives. Can he also open his heart to the child and arrange that you have to devote time and attention to your child?

If he turns away from you because of the child, that is hurtful. Not infrequently a negative expectation creeps in: Will it be the same next time?

Do not give up hope

Single mothers and fathers certainly have less opportunity to meet someone than other singles. Nevertheless, unexpected situations can arise in everyday life. Also, it can certainly arrange to find someone who takes care of the child.

Whether shopping, visiting the theater, the nightclub or a café, you meet other people. Perhaps someone who makes your heart beat faster and accepts your child might be in the same situation as you. Also, if you do something with your child, there may be opportunities for new contacts.

Alternatively, the internet is available. Meanwhile, there are dangerous dating sites and dating agencies, which can be used to search specifically. An advantage over forums and chats is that responsive platforms check personal information. The risk of being misled with false information decreases.

Online Dating

The user profiles of the portal “eDarling” provide precise figures, as the responsible press spokesman said: About 24 percent of singles registered there have children – that affects every third woman and almost every seventh man. On the other hand, 29 percent, who have already noted when recording to look for a childless partner. Thus, the chances are not so bad to meet someone who does not deter your offspring.

You can indicate when registering that you are a single parent, this status will then be visible in your profile. This separates the wheat from the chaff right from the start – anyone looking for a childless partner will hardly contact you.

But if it does happen and you get a basket because you are a single parent, it is easier to do so than face to face.

A reputable online dating service, for example, Parship with over 5 million members. The profiles are tested there manually and the platform has repeatedly been awarded top marks in tests.

What makes a single parent interesting

What is rejected by some people may be attractive to others? Men who meet a single mother may want to have children later and are afraid of being pushed head over heels into the father role.

Others, on the other hand, feel the protective instinct – they want to be there for both the woman and the child. The warmth and love that a single mother brings to her child can also leave a positive impression and a pleasant expectation. If she is only relieved of her burden, she can contribute some of it to the partnership.

Single fathers are attractive to many women, after all, they bear a great responsibility. This implies that the man is trustworthy and ready to engage responsibly in a partnership. If children join together later, it is to be expected that they will receive the same attention.

Furthermore, it is possible that someone is looking specifically for a single parent. This can be the case if no own children can be conceived, but someone still has a desire to have children.

If two single parents get to know each other, both of them know from the outset what it means to be responsible for children and to take back their responsibilities. The result is the possibility of joint ventures – may be a patchwork family is growing together?

What should be considered when looking for a partner?

Sure, it’s good to do it relaxed. A tense partner search means an increased tension, which is also reflected in the charisma. This is less appealing and the frustration is even more significant when it has not worked out again.

When looking for a partner on the Internet, it is especially important to pay attention to the integrity of the platform and not to rush into getting involved in all sorts of meetings, or planning them in public first.

Finally, the question arises, when you put it out that there are only in double or multipack. Of course, it is not nice if you fell in love, later tell about your child and then encounter rejection.

On the other hand, it may be that your potential partner over time develops such intense feelings for you that he is more willing to associate with the child than he would have done at the first contacts.

Nevertheless, openness is undoubtedly the better way. Both then know from the beginning, on what they get involved. Of course, there may be a retreat right away, but less painful than when deeper feelings have developed. It could also be considered a breach of trust if you delay the truth too late.


  • Dating and single parenting – not easy, but possible:
  • if possible, schedule time to go out
  • Use internet platforms
  • set to relaxed getting to know each other
  • Openness from the beginning

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