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Everything You Need to Know About Flying with a Baby

What you should consider and prepare – When flying with a baby, some preparations have to be made. During the flight, the baby must be cared for and may need safe and comfortable sleeping arrangements. What else you need to look out for, read here:

Prepare flies with the baby

As with any holiday, flying requires careful preparation to make it as relaxed as possible. The provisions regarding hand luggage and baby on board differ depending on the airline – you should inquire in detail here. Belong in, the hand luggage the travel documents and financial means. When traveling abroad, you may need a child passport, which must, of course, be requested in good time.

For the baby, you can get suitable nose drops. These help especially during takeoff and landing during pressure equalization. Your pediatrician may recommend you to check your child before booking to rule out any health concerns about the flight.

Of course, it also needs its pacifier, vial and food, diapers, wipes, burp cloths and whatever else you need on the go. As a rule, it is not allowed to take liquids with you on board – water for preparing the vial can be obtained on board, and vials can also be warmed up on site.

Ask in advance what weight and what extent the hand luggage may have and whether your child is entitled to a seat. For two years is such a duty. There you can place an approved baby seat, which can also be securely fastened. There is no right to a position in children under the age of two, but it can be reserved for your baby. This must be clarified in good time if there are still enough places left.

Some airlines offer the possibility of placing a baby cot in certain places, which is provided by the airline. You should also ask whether you are allowed to take your stroller with you on board or if you need to give it up as a piece of luggage: Some airlines allow you to bring a collapsible buggy, which you drop off directly at the plane and receive it again after landing.

Last but not least, it makes sense to check in the night before to save the stress before the start. At the gate, families with children are often called first, so they can relax on the plane and make themselves and the baby comfortable.

Make the flight comfortable

After you have asked about hand luggage and – depending on the age of your baby – packed everything you need in the diaper bag, you can use the remaining available volume for your own needs. If necessary, it is also permitted to carry a baby carrier on board.

If you have booked a seat for your child and are in possession of an approved baby seat, the flight should be quite comfortable. During quiet flight phases, your baby can sit on your lap. Children under the age of two can sit in their lap during take-off and landing, where they are secured with a so-called loop-belt. This is a loop that attaches to the parent’s belt.

For longer distances, a night flight is ideal, provided a suitable seat with a cot is booked. Your child will then be able to follow his usual sleep pattern and you will always have it in view. 

Buggy, baby carrier, baby carrier and diaper bag

Practical – the buggy: Ideal is a collapsible buggy with basket or bag, in which you can stow your hand luggage on the way to the plane.

Approved baby seat: TÜV Rheinland tests baby car seats and receive the certificate “For use in Air Force” if they are suitable for aircraft. They are secured in the seat similar to the car, with the belt system in the aircraft must be compatible.

Diaper bag for on the go: In a diaper bag, everything you need is what your baby needs on the go. Of course, this also applies to air travel. So you always have everything at hand, from replacement diapers to wet wipes and cheesecloths to food, vials and pacifiers.

Comfortable baby carriers: In a baby carrier, it has your baby cozy and comfortable. You wear it either in the front or on the back and have your hands free. Also, your child can feel your reassuring closeness on the go.

Checklist food and drink

If you are breastfeeding your baby and it is still small enough to be breastfed, you will not have much trouble with your onboard diet. For children who also receive baby milk, baby food, juices or teas, it is recommended to take the usual products in sufficient quantities for the flight in your hand luggage. As a rule, it is not allowed to take liquids with you on board – water for preparing the vial can be obtained on board, and vials can also be warmed up on site

The travel supply for your baby or toddler you should pretty much calculate if your stay should extend for unexpected reasons. Essential for a trip abroad: Special foods, such as hypoallergenic food, are not available in many countries.

Winding and reassurance

With modern airplanes, you can find a way to wind in almost every aircraft today. However, since the winding in the helicopter is quite cumbersome, you should avoid it if it can be avoided. The last action before boarding is, therefore: visit the changing room.

Checklist for the airport

On most flights, it is possible to take the stroller or stroller over the regular check-in. Usually, however, this must then be given to the large luggage counter, but at the latest when entering the aircraft. But at almost all airports, it is customary to provide you with a replacement buggy for boarding during the buggy-less time. In most cases, your carriage will be unloaded after landing so that you can use it again as soon as possible.

In most airplanes, you can also carry in certain places baby bowls that are specially certified for flight operations. Baby carriers are also a great way to stay as mobile as possible with your little sweetheart.


  • Make preparations in time
  • Inquire about the airline’s regulations
  • Take everything for the baby in your hand luggage
  • Nose drops for pressure equalization
  • If possible in baby car seat or cot
  • Buggy or baby carrier for the way to the plane

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