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Eliminate Cat Fleas using this 2020 Guide

Cats are but the sweetest animals on the planet. They may be weird, crazy, and lazy, but we love them anyway. Who wouldn’t want to have his own Garfield lying on the couch and protecting you every step of the way? This is the reason why we need to give them the care and protection they need against any circumstance that could give them discomfort. One of which is cat flea infestations. 

Cat fleas are common parasites that feed on our pet’s blood. Despite its name, it is not limited to feeding on cats but other animals as well. These creatures are one to two millimeters long and are reddish to brown in color. 

According to entomologists, there is a specific distribution of cat flea life stages. 50% of their population are still eggs, 35% are larvae, 10% are pupae, and only 5% of them are adults. If you find them running around your pet’s fur, it’s time to employ these latest DIY tips of pest control. 

Flea Check 

First and foremost, check the coat of your pet for any signs of flea infestations. This will help you determine the severity of the infestation. For the dark-colored animals, it is best to use a flea comb to catch any flea dirt and adult fleas. Flea dirt is also known as the excrement of fleas. It is black and pepper-like. If placed on a wet tissue, its surroundings will turn dark red. The more adult fleas you catch in one stroke, the worse the infestation is. This will define the methods you need to do to control their population. 

Flea Comb

This is a cost-effective way to get rid of fleas. This is a fine-toothed comb you can use to segregate adult fleas from the fur so you can kill it. But do not squish it with your bare hands. Fill a bowl with water and dishwashing liquid and put the fleas there. The soap acts as an adhesive to keep the fleas in contact with the water until they drown. 

Use Essential Oils

The smell of oils such as lavender, tea tree, neem, and peppermint is relaxing to us humans. But to fleas, it is irritating and disturbing. To use it as a flea repellent, mix it with water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray this on areas where your pet usually lies down. You can also spray it on the couch, mats, bedding, and mattresses. In addition, you can use it as a flea barrier to your cat. Every time it plays outdoors, spray a little on their fur to prevent fleas from latching on to it. 

Put anti-flea products on your Pet

These days, there are so many products to try. But you need to choose the best one for your pet. There are flea powders, spot-on, and spray-on treatment you can try. But first, ask your veterinarian if your dog has allergies to certain ingredients. If they have, ask for a prescriptive anti-flea product for your pet. 

Remove fleas from your home

It’s impossible to eliminate fleas on your cat’s or dog’s fur if you do not de-flea your home first. Did you know those female fleas lay their eggs away from their host? It means that they can live for months without feeding on blood. During these three months, the female fleas will look for a secure place where they can lay their eggs. And when they hatch, they’ll be the next ones to infest your dog’s fur. This is the reason why you need to make sure that they don’t have a safe space inside your house. 

For one, you can maintain regular and effective housekeeping to keep their population at bay. If your floor has cracks and crevices, make sure to clean these too. Also, do not neglect to treat the farthest corners of your house such as the under-sink, under-tables, and under-chairs. If you have empty boxes and compartments, make sure to clean these too. It will help to remove the eggs, larvae, and pupae from your home. 

Every time you vacuum, make sure to throw away the contents of the vacuum bag to prevent any more fleas from coming back. Afterward, it’s your chance to apply treatment such as Diatomaceous earth, Salt, and Essential oils. 

Diatomaceous Earth 

We’re now in the year 2020. Despite the modernization of products, sometimes the oldest therapies work the best. Instead of using pesticides to treat your house, you can resort to DE as your all-purpose pest remover. Unlike chemicals, DE works mechanically. It doesn’t have to be ingested. Pests just need to pass through them. It works by destroying their exoskeletons from the outside, dehydrating them until they die. 

Not only can you use this on floors and mats. You can also use it directly on your pet’s fur. All you need to do is sprinkle some on their fur and spread it thinly. Make sure to buy the food-grade Diatomaceous Earth for a safe way to get rid of pests. 

Salt Treatment

If you don’t want the hassle of looking for DE, you can just use salt and it works just the same. Just sprinkle it on your floors and spread it evenly. Let it kill fleas overnight. Then, vacuum it the next morning.  

Treat your Lawn

Your garden should be your first line of defense against pests. If they can’t penetrate it then nothing can infest your house. To do so, trim your lawn evenly and regularly. You can use the essential oils we mentioned above as a treatment. Fleas are naturally outdoor insects. However, once the temperature drops, they will need a place where they can get warmth and shelter. Before they latch on to your pet, remove them from your lawn by using low-impact methods of pest control.

These days, people are clamoring over pets. But it comes with great responsibility. eliminating and preventing pests is just one of our major obligations. This is why we need to prepare for their own welfare. Start applying these methods now before flea infestations get worse.

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