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How to Drink Whiskey Like a Sir

Whiskey and Whiskey are not the same. If you want to approach the subject of whiskey in the way of tasting, some things have to be considered. Already the price difference can already set itself as a decision criterion. Regional combustion processes are also of vital importance, which is evident in the spelling of the product name.

  1. Which variety do I want to taste? 
    One should be aware that there are fundamental differences in the whiskey. Notwithstanding the countries of origin, the primary ingredients used to make the alcohol are the type of whiskey, the flavor, and its name.
  2. A distinction must be drawn between:
    Scotch whiskey (single malt whiskey), which is only fired from barley, which has been malted and dried by tor-firs. Irish whiskey of un-malted barley, oats, rye or wheat, as well as American whiskey from corn, wheat or rye. American whiskey varieties then store in toasted (carburized) barrels, to help the Aoma in this way to a unique Flair. In principle, all whiskeys have to be stored in wooden barrels according to different rules.
  3. The basic rule is
    Never too cool the whiskey; to drink it only at room temperature. Likewise, the glasses should be duly warm. Avoid additives as much as possible. This includes ice and any form of dilute waters; unless a single malt whiskey with more than 50 vol% is diluted. It is advisable to use a pure, non-carbonated mineral water, better still the original spring water of the distillery. To complete the development of taste, large-area, whiskey glasses, which give the beverage the opportunity to ‘breathe’ in the glass, unfold the aroma.
  4. Drinking what tastes …
    As with wine, whiskeys also have their taste and do not listen to the opinion of others. I like a product, and it can be a more cost-effective, the ‘my’ whiskey. In the end, only the experience of continuous enjoyment …
  5. Instructions for the drinking procedure
    It is advisable to pour small quantities of the drink into the glass to enable the aforementioned ‘flavoring.’ Slight pivoting of the glass supports this process. When drinking, take small sips, keep them in the mouth, rinse the tongue, while breathing through the slightly opened mouth. This creates this unique taste diversity typical of the whiskey. This is especially pronounced with single malt whiskeys.
  6. Society !? 
    If you like to entertain yourself with the like-minded round in enjoyable round, which tastes together would like to enjoy, and exchange should do. On the other hand, a tasting of fine whiskey can be a very intimate matter, for which one needs a certain amount of peace and devotion, one wants to pay homage to the taste and thus take due account of the performance of the master. Here, too, everyone should act according to his feelings.

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