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What Color Goes With Burgundy Walls?

The color burgundy is fashionable for a few years in garments, but it is also a booming tone in the decoration sector. Initially, some people feel rejected because it is very strong and does not know how to combine it or how it can be used to create different atmospheres. However, it is not that complicated. The burgundy color combines perfectly with many other shades. They are options that are very good in any room of the house, either the living room or bedrooms and even the bathroom in which you can have the faucet in gold. In a COMO, we explain What Color Goes With Burgundy Walls so that you can use it in the decoration of your home.

Combine the burgundy color with white

One of the best options to use the burgundy color in decoration is to combine it with white. This mixture allows creating exquisite environments with a distinctive touch and distinction.

The color white is the most suitable and the best to combine with burgundy, and is that this intense and strong garnet, and somewhat dark, is relieved with the brightness and brightness of the white.

One reason why a good choice is to use the burgundy color on the walls, while the ceiling remains blank. Also, this tone makes space appear larger since the dimensions tend to be smaller with this chromatic range of reds.

The white color is also perfect if it is used for window frames and doors, as well as furniture. For example, a white sofa stuck or near the burgundy wall is a safe bet.

Combining garnet and beige

In addition to white, there is another combination that is an excellent choice. It is about putting the burgundy color on walls and using the beige tone for the rest of the decoration or as the second predominant color in the room.

It is a good option if you want to create a warmer and less ideal environment than that generated by the combination of burgundy and white. For example, beige is an ideal shade for curtains, sofa, headboard or carpets, among other options.

But, in addition to beige, there are other shades in the same range, which also look great with burgundy walls. Are all those that are included under the term of sand, and is that they also provide great warmth.

In general, the brown tones combine perfectly with the burgundy; you just have to choose the one you like the most depending on the atmosphere you want to create. Keep in mind this premise: the higher the level of darkness in the brown, the soberer in the room, while the lighter shades will make the atmosphere more relaxed. In this way, it is a good option to choose furniture in wood tones.

Also, the advantage of the range of browns is that they can be used for different objects of decoration, is possible to have the walls in Bordeaux, the curtains and carpets in beige and the furniture in wood color, among other possibilities.

Combine burgundy and gray

Gray is another of the colors that seamlessly combines with burgundy. However, it is a color with which we must be more careful because if it is used a lot in its darker shade, it can create a somewhat muted atmosphere. It is better to opt for medium and clear tones.

Normally, this combination is ideal when what is sought is to create an environment in a room that is elegant, but with great sobriety, it may even be ideal for professional offices, and it is a mixture that is very functional.

Anyway, if you want to add a warmer touch, it is possible to use colors such as yellow to add more life to the environment and, even, decorate with furniture in wood color.

Is it advisable to combine the burgundy color on the walls with black?

The burgundy color can also be combined with the color black. However, it is a hazardous combination and that does not tend to like many people because they are two solid colors with which atmospheres are created that are somewhat dark.

Normally, it is an ideal combination for those people who like the Gothic style in fashion and be in environments decorated with a similar aesthetic. However, this combination of colors can be done without falling into that kind of atmosphere, but always choose very well where to apply the color black and combine with other shades such as, for example, beige and wood colors. For example, a good combination is to put the sofa or table in black with the rest of the furniture in natural or white wood. A grave error will be to put the curtains, lamps or chandeliers in black if you do not want to create this type of darker atmosphere.

With these tips on how to combine the color burgundy on walls, we hope we have helped you in a COMO to create the stay you want in your home. We recommend that you always consult with experts in paints and decoration to advise you the most suitable tones, taking into account your tastes, preferences and needs in each room of the house.

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